Option for a single record for the tangible resource with a reference to the online resource. In such cases, add a note concerning the bibliographic history of the resource e. These fields include , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and Example of published thesis: In both cases, do not supply code m in Cont , and do not include information in field

RDA defines a digital resource as: Determine the mode of issuance to decide whether to catalog the supplementary item as a monograph, integrating resource, or serial as appropriate Do not create records for the individual updates to loose-leaf publications Type. You may catalog supplementary items or accompanying material independently or dependently. In some non-English-speaking countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, theses submitted in hardcopy form exist as published resources. Provider-neutral records function as “base” records in the shared cataloging environment by omitting provider-specific details. Do not use “in” analytic cataloging conventions for offprints or detached copies.

American Library Association, To record the LCCN of the original item when cataloging a microform reproduction, include such data in field When applying Library of Congress Subject Headings, note that no “thesis” form subdivision is available for use.

Differences in provider-specific series statements Differences in provider-specific catapoging Differences in provider-specific file formats, file sizes, technical requirements, etc.

For more information, see field For BYU research papers i.

3 Special Cataloging Guidelines

See field for more information. Online resources are any form of digital material accessed by means of hardware and software connections to a communications network. For more information, see chapter 5.

If a record for an item as caraloging whole exists, you may create a record for a part and vice versa. For unpublished theses, microform reproductions of unpublished theses, and photocopies of unpublished theses, code xx. See chapter 4, ” Reproduction Note. The guidelines make no distinctions between these situations related to describing the online resource.


3 Special Cataloging Guidelines

Code c for integrating resources that are currently being published, code d for integrating resources that have ceased publication. In such cases, add a note concerning the nature of the resource e.

thesis cataloging rda

Transcribe the first named place, publisher, and date even if they pre-date the era of online resources. Consequently, if no place of publication appears, enter [Place of publication not identified]. Optionally, add subject access points. Academic theses are actually manuscript books.

thesis cataloging rda

The first field should describe the version that is described in the physical description. Additional information If the copy is retained by your institution, making an unlicensed copy of a broadcast may be an infringement of copyright law.

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First printed leaf present in Lilly Library copy begins: Guidelines If there is an existing record for a photocopy or POD reproduction that is cataloged in accord with these provider-neutral instructions, use that existing record for a new photocopy or POD reproduction of the same resource.

If LBD or LHR are not appropriate, the data is only of local interest, and you want to include the information for your local processing, OCLC recommends using fields that are not retained in the master bibliographic record. Guidelines Code microform reproduction fixed-field elements, except Formfor the original item described in the body of the entry, not for the reproduction, which you describe in field Code the fixed-field element Form for the type of reproduction described in field For RDA cataloging covering original microforms, see instruction 1.


In both cases, do not supply code m in Contand do not include information in field Examples of currently used terminology: When changes or differences in title or responsibility occur between different manifestations of a resource, provide additional access points as appropriate if considered important for identification, selection, or access. Begin the note with “Offprint: For republished theses, record the date production or publication of the original thesis based on data appearing in field Enter field coded for an electronic resource unless Type is coded m.

United States Newspaper Program USNP was a coordinated national effort to locate, catalog, preserve, and make available to researchers newspapers published in the United States from the eighteenth century to the present. Enter data to link to the original resource if the photocopy or POD reproduction is in the catalogung physical format. Use the following optional guidelines for selected fixed-field elements and variable fields when cataloging a technical report:.

Code for the original manifestation omitting dates related to publication of the resource online.