She was known as the female Paul Revere and was born before the Revolutionary War had started and before she knew it, she had accomplishments that made her one of the most influential women of her time. Grace Hopper Short video on Grace Hopper. The minute-men stood, ready for action, when the first fire had rang out across the battlefield. Tryon landed at Fairfield with twenty transports and six warships. Another reason America went to war was because of battles like the battle at Bunker Hill, the battles of Lexington and Concord, or the Boston Massacre.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Colonel Henry Ludington was a respected militia officer who commanded the 7th Regiment of the Dutchess County Militia, a volunteer regiment of local men during the Revolutionary War. Then, the Sugar Act came along which lowered taxes on molasses that the colonists imported. There was no tax on anything except for the tea. Colonel Henry Ludington and his wife Cybil Ludington raised one very memorable daughter. Many battles were fought, and brave people risked their lives. She died in February, at age 78 in Unadilla, New York.

Finally, Sybil was given permission to gather the men. Another major act was the one in and was known as the Quartering Act. By the time she returned home, hundreds of soldiers were gathering to fight the British.

Sybil returned home around dawn to her concerned father. She was influenced to do this amazing deed for sybi, father because she wanted to do more than all the other women, and wanted to be someone who could help more than others. A huge fight had broken out and the colonists had gotten mad.


sybil ludington essay

The colonists dressed up as Indians and surprise attacked the British! Starting her ride at 9: Colonel Ludington began to organize the militia, but his men had returned to their homes for spring planting and were scattered throughout the area. Sybil Ludington – Historic Patterson.

Before the Revolutionary War started, the colonists were becoming very angry with England, and had a very good explanation for being mad. The British had crossed the Delaware River and were heading straight toward the hill. The Brave, lusington Caring, the Hero.

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The next day the force moved north into Danbury, Connecticut, where they began to search for stores of Continental Army supplies. Sybil had 11 siblings, five sisters and six brothers, and the birth-span of her siblings was Jan. Sybil has a ton of houses to go to.

Also, check out Sibyl Ludington: Now, she was married and had 6 children, all wonderful, little bundles of joy. The British soldiers found rum and decided to consume it rather than destroy it. She had 12 brothers and sisters in her family and grew up in the Esszy World.

She rode all night through dark woods and in the rain, covering anywhere from 20 to 40 miles estimates vary.

Persuasive Essay – Sybil Ludington

Bunker Ludjngton, June 16 th, 1, minute-men were stationed on the hill, waiting for the British to attack. The couple had one son, Henry, and lived in Catskill, New York. On April 26,she tucked in her siblings for the night, got herself ready for bed, and lay down in bed.


sybil ludington essay

The Revolutionary War was mostly fought because of taxes and freedom. Sybil was willing to travel to muster the men as she was looking for any way to help the patriots in the war. Sybil lived a long happy life and died at age 78 on February 26, Sybil always wanted to help the colonists gain their independence from Britain.

Ludington and his militiamen were much too late to save Danbury.

Sybil Ludington, the Teen Patriot Who Outrode Paul Revere

The reason the colonies were taxed is because they ludongton everything from New England. The colonies were then forced to buy the products in which the colonies lost money and Britain earned money. Although it is mostly spelled Ludimgton, her tombstone displays her name as Sibbell.

When she returned about dawn the next morning, soaked from the rain and exhausted from riding more than forty miles, most of the soldiers were ready to march.