Font Color The majority of your thesis document should be in black font, however color is permissable in figures, tables, links, etc. The Honors Thesis Project Guide can help you: Especially if you’re in the social sciences, you should consider getting and reading the whole book, which is still available. If your thesis content is such that you feel you need to upload content other than text to properly represent your work, upload the textual portion of your thesis first as a single, standalone pdf file. Here is some advice for both groups: The signatures on the signatory page indicate your final thesis is completed and approved. Don’t put too much stock in second-hand information about a professor, but if after meeting him or her you have concerns then you should certainly consider continuing your search.

All of the ones just mentioned, plus the benefit of devoting yourself full-time to the thesis, whether it’s in a lab on campus or in the field. Afterwards, return to the list of tables or list of figures page, right click on the list, and update table entire table and the page will automatically hyperlink. Please be aware that only full-time, tenure track faculty can function as thesis supervisors. Excluding the title page and signatory page, every page in the document, including those with tables and figures, must be counted. Your thesis supervisor will have ample experience in these workflow issues so you should make it a big part of your initial discussions and you should keep on track with whatever you agree to. To remain in good standing and retain the benefits of the Schreyer Honors College. A standard outline style or a prose form may be used.

When requesting letters of permission, be sure the grantor is aware that the work will be made available to the public through Penn State’s Electronic Theses and Dissertation website.


Be sure the headings listed in the table of contents match word-for-word the headings in the text. Thesis supervisor and honors adviserthen list both roles under the professional title. There are three procedural deadlines set by the SHC in the thesis process—for thesis proposal, format review, and final submission — but these are not a substitute for deadlines set between thesis supervisor and student for progress along the way.


The table of contents must appear immediately after the abstract and should not list the abstract, the table of contents itself, or the vita.

Schreyer Honors College Thesis Submission

A hard copy of the signatory page is kept on file at the Schreyer Honors College, please do not include it with your electronic submission. This is part of what the thesis experience will test for you—whether or not you want to continue via graduate school in that yhesis of slow-moving enterprise. Submit a thesis proposal one year prior to graduation Have a current annual Schreyer Plan on file with the Schreyer Honors College Submit an honors thesis by the appropriate deadline Obtain ;roposal cumulative GPA of 3.

Some majors will only grant honors to their own majors and minors, while others will more or less automatically grant honors for any thesis supervised by one of its faculty.

schreyer honors college thesis proposal

The “official” copy of the Honors Thesis is the electronic file eHTand this is the copy that will be on file with the University Libraries. After your electronic final submission, approvals are needed by faculty; then your thesis will be reviewed one final time by the Honors College. To notify the Schreyer Honors College of your intent schreer graduate you should An ideal thesis thfsis should do many things, including: An honors thesis manuscript should replicate honorz appearance of professional writing in your discipline.

We expect Schreyer Scholars entering their final year to write scrheyer enough to make themselves understood according to disciplinary standards, and except for areas of honors where style is integral to overall value of the work the clearest example would be a creative writing submission for honors in Englishwe suggest that you place a premium on content and clarity.

The bibliography and in-text reference must be formatted according to the standards accepted in the field. If corrections are required, your file will be deleted and you will be asked to make the changes and upload a new file immediately Buy now Schreyer Honors College Thesis Submission.

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The Fair Wchreyer Checklist is an excellent tool in making a fair use determination. Warn students about publishing their undergraduate thesis – GeoEd We consider a student with a 3.

Think of your thesis in terms of chapters. Monday, November 11, by This is where you start to strike a balance between ambition and feasibility.


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For some people, including some Scholars, it’s a relative struggle just to produce an acceptable piece of writing, while for others, probably including a lot more Scholars, it’s a struggle to produce something that meets their own demanding standards.

Making Your Decision Thesis supervision is time-intensive, especially at a time of the year middle and end of spring semester when faculty have many competing demands on their time. If it doesn’t seem like a daunting and perhaps even intimidating project, you’re not being ambitious enough! As always, the honors adviser in the intended area of cllege is the gatekeeper about whether a given thesis topic and supervisor are acceptable.

Your thesis supervisor will have ample experience in these workflow issues so you should make it a big part of your initial discussions and you should keep on track with whatever you agree to. Sometimes students seek out scnreyer graduate area because it is slightly more specific or impressive-sounding, but we remind them that the title of the thesis conveys that. You do have the right to pursue honors elsewhere, for instance in a concurrent major for which you were not admitted to the SHC, but there is no guarantee of approval.

This is a one-paragraph summary of the content of your thesis that identifies concisely the content of the thesis manuscript and important results of your project Buy Online Schreyer Honors College Thesis Submission.

Please make sure that honofs contact information is kept up to date so you receive all graduation information from the Schreyer Honors College and Penn State.

schreyer honors college thesis proposal

However, we will count back two years from the semester of graduation. Congratulations, schreger made it to Penn State’s commencement ceremonies. In listing appendices, indicate the title of each appendix.

schreyer honors college thesis proposal

A minimum of two signatures is required on each thesis. The next guidelines were prepared to help you using the effective preparation of the thesis.