You MUST lock your lockers at all times! Monday, February 29, Basketball. Our program is to teach fundamentals, skills, and knowledge of the activity. Week of Mar 2, Students will lose points if:

Absent Policy – Students are allowed 2 absences before making up work. Please take some time to review the links below as the quiz questions will be pulled from those links. Middle School Activities Handbook. Today we begin our second semester! Tuesday, March 22, Short Court Tennis.

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All work is found on hawks homework. Students have been excited to come into class knowing they are playing this game. Students will start the unit with a powerpoint presentation and instructional video. Students have had many meetings with their coached in order to feel well prepared and comfortable moving forward into the next day. Homedork games has been the best way for students to learn the rules and how to play on their own or from a classmate.

You have 4 minutes after bell rings to get into locker room, dressed, and in the gym participating in the warm up activity.

rcas hawks homework

This unit is hawis fun and includes a lot of movement, strategy, and teamwork. It is your responsibility to keep up with your belongings!


You may come in the morning and participate 1 hour with Iron Hawk. All students are required to participate in 3 events. They must operate in harmony with other parts of the total curriculum, providing significant learning experiences for youth and helping them to develop a positive lifestyle.

All backpacks, lunchboxes, and personal items are to be stored inside the locker room on top of or in front of the lockers. Lab 78 Sign Up. Hawsk encourage homeework all to check Hawks Homework for makeup assignments.

Locker room and class procedures: After 2 absences, the student will be required to make up participation points.

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With this comes many questions and concerns regarding their student. Our program is to teach fundamentals, skills, and knowledge of the activity. It takes away from teacher focused learning and focuses on student interaction learning. Hawks Homework is where you will find current make up work if a student is absent from class.

Grading Policy – Students receive 20 points a day. We will review the court, dimensions, names of specific spots on the court, etc.


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Different games will be played according to grade level. Ways to make-up absences: DO NOT crowd around the door waiting for the bell to ring to leave class. For the past week, our students have been competing in short court tennis games. You will receive a total of 20 points a day: Week of Mar 2, This encompasses all things regarding absences, how to make up absences, dress code, locker room procedures, etc. By now, all students have signed up homewoork their track events.

Lab 51 Sign Up. Tuesday, March 22, Short Court Tennis.

rcas hawks homework

The middle school activities program will support ras contribute to the social development of students. All parents will be kept in the “loop” for any upcoming changes.

rcas hawks homework

Our program is to realize that playing in competition enhances skills and strategy.