What is the magnitude of the force required to push this crate up the incline at a constant speed? What is the magnitude of the frictional force between m 1 and m2? What is the magnitude of your centripetal acceleration? How long will it take for the stopper to move around the circular path 10 times? The end of the board sticks out a distance of 7. The rubber stopper has a mass m and is moving in a circle which has a radius R.

What will be the rate of acceleration of this system? What will be the momentum of this car immediately after the explosion? What will be the magnitude of the thrust force F being exerted by the boom? A car is at rest on a horizontal surface. A baseball is thrown, with an initial velocity of What will be the velocity of this ball when it reaches the ground?

What will be the velocity of the elephant-putty combination? The diagram to the left shows an occupant of this ride standing suspended next to the exterior wall of this ride. What will be the kinetic energy of this crate after it has left the spring?

How far are you from your starting point?

Physics homework #31 second law – Dundee Social Enterprise Network

When will this ball be meters above the ground? Make a graph of your data showing the average distance traveled by the marble vs. How long will it take for the boat to reach a point What will be the tensions, T2 and T3, in the string? How long will it take for this car to come to a halt?


physics homework #31 second law

What will be the displacement of this boat when it reaches the opposite shore? A projectile is fired from physivs ground with a velocity of What will be the resulting acceleration of this system? A mass of grams is hung from the How far will this car move during this 3. What will be the magnitude of the normal force acting on this person? What will be the IMA of a simple machine which consists of a system of eight pulleys used as shown to the right?

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A car travels West at 35 mph for a time period of 2. What is the average speed of the cart?

What is the orbital velocity of Mars about the Sun? The same boat in 6 turns around and heads back upstream. How long will it take for m1 to reach the floor?

Physics Homework Fall 2013

A spring scale is attached to a hook on the end of the block and is pulled until the reading on the scale is What will be the output force of the machine in 12 if a force of lbs is applied to the input? What is the magnitude of the centripetal force acting on this ball? How much energy will be lost in this collision?


What is the total work done on the wheel during the 5. What is the velocity of the second car relative to the first homewirk Suppose that the ball escaped from the roulette wheel ohmework in the position shown, what will be the direction of motion of the ball as it exits the wheel?

physics homework #31 second law

What will be the total kinetic energy of this system after the collision? A speedboat is moving through the water at a speed of Fn – perpendicular to incline, Ff – parallel to and down the incline, Fa – up the incline 6a cont.

A simple machine, which has an AMA of 2. History of physics wikipedialookup. What is the magnitude of the gravitational force acting on this sled as it is pulled to the right at a constant speed? A ball, which has a mass of 1. A roller coaster sits at the top of a hill and is preparing to enter a loop-the-loop as shown to the right.