Ramakrishna , Dommati Design, testing and assembly of rectangular patch antenna. Sar, Debranjan Seismic evaluation of un-reinforced masonry structures. Prathima, Addanki Location management in cellular networks using soft computing algorithms. Malik , Anusmita Free vibration of rods, beams and frames using spectral element method. Sahu, Ranjeet Kumar An investigation on dimensional accuracy of fused deposition modeling FDM processed parts using fuzzy logic. Bisai, R A study on modes of rock failure under uniaxial compression.

Sha, Bibhu Bhusan Numerical and experimental investigation of common header pulsating heat pipe. Garnaik, Mohita Mohan Effects of highway geometric elements on accident modelling. Das, Bibhuti Bhusan Characterization of ferrochrome slag as an embankment and pavement material. Chauhan, Ram Narayan Sonoelectrochemical synthesis of ultrafine copper deposits at ambient and sub-ambient temperatures. Sahoo, Moumita Development of synbiotic functional food using potential probiotic isolates with soymilk and mushroom extracts as prebiotics. Singh, Jagarti Protein glycation and oxidative stress in pathophysiology of diabetic complications. Choudhary, Abhisek Synthesis and characterization of lithium silicate ceramic for the test blanket module TBM in fusion reactors.

Sudro, Protima Nomo Gait analysis of normal and differently abled subjects for rehabilitation. GuptaManoj Kumar Some novel digital image filters for rourkea of impulsive noise. Dixit, S Optimization of household energy using linear programming. Sagar, V V V Lossless data compression and decompression algorithm and its hardware architecture.


phd thesis nit rourkela

Rout, Rupesh Kumar A survey on object detection and tracking algorithms. A, Ramesh Babu Recovery of liquid hydrocarbon fuels from waste plastics. Behera, S S Partial discharge characteristic of electrical trees in polymeric cable insulation. Kumar, Rajnish Studies on the physical properties and reduction-swelling behavior of fired haematite routkela ore pellets.

Nayak, B Signcryption schemes based on elliptic curve cryptography.

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George, Nithin V S Transform: Singh, Sandeep Kumar Simulation of R. Al2O3 composites using gel-casting and powder metallurgy technique. Shinde, N Power system frequency estimation using linear and nonlinear techniques. Verma, T Reactive extraction of acetic acid. Nath, Harjeet Studies on abatement of fluorides using fluidized bed reactor: Arakha, Manoranjan Investigation on the effect of zinc oxide nanoparticles in the aggregation of hen egg lysozyme.

Samal, C Study of process parameters towards improving efficiency of closed die hot forging process. K A, Lokesh Heat transfer characteristics during cryoablation. Singh, A Processing, characterization and sliding wear behavior of functionalized carbon nanotube reinforced epoxy matrix composite.

phd thesis nit rourkela

V, Rahees Mohammed Kurikkal O. Singh, Tanu Removal of petroleum hydrocarbon by using microbial mat.

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Gupta, Suvra Fuzzy logic based soft starting of induction motor with current control. Mohapatra, Smruti Sourava Level of service criteria of urban streets in indian context using advanced classification tools. Singh, Parendra Kumar Energy efficient clustered chain based power aware rourmela protocol for wireless sensor networks. Unni, Sruthi Exploring novel antimicrobials targeting bacterial pyruvate formate lyase through pharmacophore based virtual screening.


Kumar, S Transform domain filtering in incremental and diffusion strategies over distributed networks. Singh, Gaurav Pratap Designing of a microcontroller based multi-sensor system.

phd thesis nit rourkela

KumarAkash Adsorptive removal of Rhodamine B dye using low cost adsorbents. Yadav, Amit Kumar Thermal roudkela of boron nitride filled epoxy composites.

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Kola, N Reliability based analysis of dam embankment, geocellreinforced foundation and embankment with stone columns using finite element method. Mohanty, Mahendra Kumar Direct torque control of permanent magnet synchronous motor drives with conventional and svm approach.

Bisai, R A study on modes of rock failure under uniaxial compression. Sethy, Barada Prasad Load carrying capacity of eccentrically loaded shallow rectangular foundation on granular soil. Kumar, Anshuman Modelling of micro wire electro discharge machining in aerospace material. Tripathy, Sasmeeta Thermal-electrical modelling of electrical discharge machining process.