The tiger catches the mouse in the jungle. By whose mother was it done for it? The students will receive the reports. By whom they had been chosen? This statue was being admired by me 5. By whom is a book written slowly? By whom are those books bought?

By whom is a book written slowly? Popular Tags Blog Archives. Mother makes a cup of tea. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Oliver taught the childrenn. The red car was stolen by the man. What has done by I?

Who is loved by he? They don’t speak English in this shop. Konsep Dua Kejadian K2K.

Jack will sweep the floor. The building has been guarded by the securities. Who writes a book slowly?

Contoh Soal Passive Voice – Simple Past Tense dan Jawabannya

He writes text messages. Change these Active sentences into Passive Voice! Maria drove the blue car. The book was printed by Gramedia. This picture was painted by an artist last year. Change these sentences into passive form! Text messages are written by him.


George & Friends: Latihan Soal Passive Voice

Julia has recued three cats. The woal have been arrested by the polices. How everything can be done? By whom is a book written slowly?

latihan soal essay passive voice

The film is watched by Mr. The office was redecorated last nigt. They built two new house last year.

Soal Passive Voice

A car is bought by him 3. An email has not been sent to me by Tiffany. The translation in English is …….

latihan soal essay passive voice

The match was joined by Us last month. My nail is cut by her Her keys have been lost by the girl. Use the words in parentheses. Your watches had been found by us The house was built in The dog bit the old lady. The red car was stolen by the man.

latihan soal essay passive voice

She will make a cup of tea. She would sell her house. A plate from the cupboard is taken by her Last Friday, the house psssive been entered by Someone