They would soon have their lobbyists at work trying desperately to make it illegal to refuse to take the tests. Click here to learn how you can help. There are no limits Even though you were a slave, you were still hardworking. As for the person who took offense because she disliked the metaphor of the strip and who is working to cure cancer. I will never be able to turn back these 18 years. Obviously there are still some who can resist the brainwashing, corrosive influences to conform and comply and do as you’re told.

Technology will help bring it about. September 4, , In the book it was 10, hours of playing hockey – not just doing hockey drills, it was 10, hours of playing the violin – not just doing scales and etudes, it was 10, hours of writing code and solving real computer programing problems – not completing computer programming exercises where the answer was already known. July 4, , 7: And remember, like is touch. But I am truly tired of seeing how much intellectual capital is expended pointlessly by people who do not seem capable of realizing that they are wasting their time just as much as the person who doodled his way through high school.

The comparison has been made of several captains of industry who dropped out of school because they were too bright for the curriculum goldosn too bored, and still made themselves into icons of industry and success — but no comparison has been made of those with mediocre or no talent, who make it because they put their heads down and slog toward their goal.


Erica Goldson: The Valedictorian Who Spoke Out Against Schooling – Community – Utne Reader

But if we are not critical when processing this information, are we really thinking? The fig tree So who is it that knows just exactly what children should be learning.

There are no limits I bet you can read a complicated passage and determine what is truly important. Acerca de motivar e inspirar Mindgrabber’s Blog.

High School Valedictorian Gives Shocking Speech

We are the resistance. She should have delivered this speech when I graduated from high school.

The World for People who Think. Go a little further Depression is mainly a result of improper management of the brain towards difficult tasks and issues or sudden traumatic events that affects the behavior of a person.

erica goldson graduation speech

Political Economy, Nutrition, IT web dev and networking mostly. The art of the Side Hustle They can realize that they have been led along, instead of receiving guidance and encouragement to chart their own course, to make mistakes and learn from them, to discover themselves and what drives them and gives them joy. graduqtion

December 19,1: Yet, gradduation I stand, and I am supposed to be graduation that I have completed this architecture competition of indoctrination. Instead of speaking fond words of farewell, Erica rammed a stake through the heart of the modern educational system.

erica goldson graduation speech

Mencken wrote in The American Mercury for April that the aim of public education is not to fill the goldson of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence. In College they tell you that Work will be much harder. But, come on, a high school graduate is not Buddha.


Anonymous April 6, at 3: Huy Profile April 14, at Anonymous September 13, at 2: May 13,2: Do you seek funds to pay off credits and debts? Letter to a young poet Let your illumination shine on all.

Erica Goldson: The Valedictorian Who Spoke Out Against Schooling

Anonymous April 23, at 3: But to the weathered gaze, it is powerful as it is vast. To submit an article for publication, see our Submission Guidelines Some icons appearing on this site were created by: Produce your own dream If you mean the power to tell others how to live, or the power to take money from people against their will for a greater good like a presidentthen you might be misconstruing her message.

We believe education should be a freeing experience.

erica goldson graduation speech

If ten percent of the students at any grade level refuse to fill in the bubbles on these outrageous tests or fill in the wrong bubbles, it would force schools to stop, look, and listen to students, which they should have been doing all along. I’ve heard this since long time ago but I just found the translation.