In addition, the reliability of this reference is limited because there is no formal reference list in the article, and it lacks quality control. Government emails admit that many species are at risk from the Gateway Pipeline: It is an attractive service for financing. He wrote to me…. Lee maintains that a full consideration of costs and benefits, including damages from GHG emissions and the costs associated with likely oil spills, suggests the NGP may well be uneconomical.

The Globe and Mail. I am simply using the numbers from this article in terms of comparison and will not base my arguments off it. Unfortunately that use of top-down power to exert control and repress voices is strangling our democracy. The Harper Government has changed the rules in favour of oil and gas development. Scrapping the project is the desired outcome of the majority of first nations of northern British Columbia.

June 26, at 2: Works Cited Meissner, D. It does list statistics about the economic benefits of the project. Since ground has not been broken on ebnridge project, there is no damage to repair and all environmental alteration can be completely avoided.

enbridge pipeline essay

As scientists at the forefront of endangered species research, we are concerned that government backpedaling on endangered species legislation will be a major setback for At the same time, a new threat is emerging. The government is waging war on the environment.

In order to access the Pacific Coast via pipelne Northern Gateway Pipeline, Enbridge is required to build an 1,kilometre dual pipeline from Alberta to the coast.

enbridge pipeline essay

This paper offers insight as it is contradictory to those claims. Cullen — Terrace Standard. Hopefully, this would stave off this unfortunate climate we now find ourselves in, of polarized positions, where many people from various backgrounds feel threatened, and the facts are getting obfuscated, by cheap marketing and lobbying from special interests.


This source must be carefully evaluated as it is raw data derived by an individual with a clear bias against the project and is not peer reviewed.

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Lee maintains that a full consideration of costs and benefits, including damages from GHG emissions and the costs associated with likely oil spills, suggests the NGP may well be uneconomical. In order to win out over the companies that are ready to take over, businesses like Enbridge need to reinvent themselves, with new ideas.

The National Energy Board, a reviewing board tasked with regulating the construction and operation of pipelines and other energy resources, is a key federal office in the pipeline approval process.

In NovemberTrudeau announced his government would not approve Northern Gateway, saying: While the environment plays an important role in weighing the pros and cons, I must also consider the 7, full-time employees at the company. That ban was officially passed through the House of Commons in May Development Challenges in an Era of Globalization. That being said, Canada has been fortunate that due to its large size, it has been able to avoid many municipal problems which typically arise with resource extraction near urban environments Hessing, Howlett, and Summerville, ; this trend notwithstanding, municipalities are important cogs in the governmental machine, which may suffer disproportionate impacts from the proposed pipeline.

Image by Steve, licenced under Creative Commons; Retrieved from https: Two months later, the federal government announced it had decided to approve the project. I am convinced that Mr.

enbridge pipeline essay

In order to stay ahead of the competition, Enbridge needs to expand to the B. I can use the reference to demonstrate the influence of the Northern Gateway pipeline project on watershed in detail. Many First Nations groups, including Idle No More, have strongly condemned the Enbridge pipeline and have announced their opposition.


Opostion and Benefits of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines

The mind map shows that environmental concerns, economic impact, and interests of different groups are the key dimensions that frame the problem.

Canada is in conflict. This source however must be carefully scrutinized as it has a clear and obvious bias. C First Nations dispute Enbridge pipeline claims.

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Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline risks for downstream communities and fisheries. The Enbridge Northern Gateway project includes an oil pipeline from tar sands in Alberta, one of the world’s dirtiest sources of oil to the port pipe,ine northern British Columbia.

The Kitimat Marine Terminal would include two ship berths and 19 storage tanks for pipeilne bitumen and condensate. Franke, if the Harper regime had known what it would unleash when it put the brakes on your European art tour last summer, I bet they would have thought twice.

Nebridge primary benefactors of this solution are the natives of pipeline land including First Nations and citizens of pipeline route communities. It can be found in Table 1 that BC has had high occurrence of pipeline incidents and accidents like oil spills Transportation Safety Board of Canada,and oil spills may negatively affect watershed and downstream fisheries West Coast Environmental Law,