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Here are some more to help you better understand the situations in which a noun could be either countable or uncountable. Lei Xun Lei Xun 19 2. Email Required, but never shown. Slightly more colloqiual, certainly not proffesional Over here in England, results is just as common as grades. Uncountable nouns, on the other hand, are assigned to the things that we cannot count or quantify.

coursework countable or uncountable

Studio courses are intended as the point of integration for all other coursework and educational experiences. How do we grade questions? Would you like some juice? Either of these would be advisable: They do represent the “result” when your performance is tested.

Examples of these include, rain, earth, flour, wood, wine. Of course, we could find words that are “more” uncountable than unfountable, whose plural forms are considered non-idiomatic, as examples.


How is it measured? Well both of your sentences are perfect english, however you’re speaking a bit vague. You must log in or register to reply here. Sign up using Email and Password.


This might include names of abstract concepts or qualities or physical objects that are two minute to be counted. Rompey Rompey 6, 2 24 Apologies for my misunderstanding.

However, this is totally off topic. There are many abstract nouns that are considered to be uncountable. There is no light in darkness.


I think I’d say something like I got excellent ‘results in some subjects but I got excellent marks for some of my essays’. Unicorn Meta Zoo 3: In the singular form, they might be preceded by an a or an a.

Email Required, but never shown. Countable because it refers to a cup of juice. To recap, countable nouns are those things that can be counted using numbers and uncountable nouns are those things that cannot be counted using number. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

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Is there any website that I can use to find out if a noun is accountable or corsework For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Not to further complicate things, but there are nouns that can be both countable and uncountable, depending entirely on the context of the sentence.


Countable nouns also known as count nouns are those nouns that bare reference to something that can be counted. These are known as uncountable or mass nouns. Delivery in as Little as 3hrs.

coursework countable or uncountable

Click to learn more. As for the latter, the term is a coursework essayfor example: New York City and Pennsylvania.

Also, you most certainly should say ‘results’ and not result in this case. Uncountable nouns almost always use the singular form.

coursework countable or uncountable

Examples of these nouns include hair, light, room, art, gear and science.