The Virtual Reference Handbook: Introduction to Reference Work in the Digital Age. Ask a Librarian Online and Offline. Rather, the focus is on process, from understanding what live virtual reference is to implementing the service, including planning, staffing, training, marketing, and evaluation. The Virtual Evaluation Toolkit. This book includes an overview of many questions that need to be answered when providing real-time, online reference service. Skip to main content.

This nuts-and-bolts guide offers information necessary to implement the most popular and effective social software technologies: Haworth Information Press, Virtual reference entails real-life decisions, services, budgets, constraints, and opportunities. Ask a Librarian Online and Offline. Deciding whether to offer a real-time virtual reference service.

Digital versus Non-Digital Reference: Although there is discussion and analysis of several virtual reference software packages, this is not a technical manual.

Service Policies and Guidelines. Virtual reference desk series.

Virtual Reference: A Selected Annotated Bibliography

Provides guidance for developing a program that will help librarians develop confidence and finesse at the virtual desk. Tailoring Services to Your Library. The book is based on an international collaborative project between two groups from German and Chinese institutions, during worcreference digital reference services provided by nearly libraries all over the world were evaluated.


Virtual Reference on a Budget: It also provides an empirical benchmark for evaluating virtual reference services.

Virtual Reference: A Selected Annotated Bibliography | Tools, Publications & Resources

The book also examines the reasons for the resulting differences; it also contains more generic proposals and perspectives on digital reference services.

The Virtual Evaluation Toolkit. Granfield, Diane, and Mark Robertson. Provides an exploration of the present and possible future applications of eleven reference delivery methods.

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The Virtual Reference Handbook: This article focuses on virtual reference librarianship and the public library user, exploring the advantages of virtual reference wordrefrence a public library setting as well as describing virtual reference service and virtual users.

Issues covered include technical troubleshooting, testing, training, marketing, and integration with existing digital services.

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Internet Reference Services Quarterly. Exploration of administrative issues through the lens of the Kano Model and discussion of balancing customer service with the limited bibkiography available to academic libraries introducing a new service. Annotate Virtual reference is reference service initiated electronically, often in real-time, where patrons employ computers or other Internet technology to communicate with reference staff, without being physically present. Discusses virtual reference VR services offered by numerous libraries.


Hirko, Buff, and Mary Bucher Ross.

Janes attempts to identify user needs and choose the best reference approaches for seeing that those needs are met. A Basic Guide for Library Staff. Reference and User Services Association.

Virtual Reference Best Practices: Bibpiography Competencies to Assessment. Explores social software and how these technologies can be applied in libraries.

Virtual worlds Association of Virtual Worlds http: Group discusses live reference services for librarians. Deciding whether to offer a real-time virtual reference service. Communication channels wordreferrnce frequently in virtual reference include chat, videoconferencing, Voice over IP, co-browsing, e-mail, and instant messaging. Building Collaboration, Communication, and Community Online.

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Starting and Running a Virtual Reference Service. Available online at http: Particular focus is given to reference wordrefrence usage and to virtual reference VR. Neal-Schuman Library Technology Companion: Academic librarians and other information specialists share their experiences.