The modular average for each Major will be calculated separately. For further fees information, please refer to the Student Financial Services section. What looks like brilliance in the heat of the moment may look less spectacular when you have some distance from it. Students who have already received a professional degree from this or another accredited university may be granted advanced standing towards the fulfillment of graduation requirements of a second professional degree. Modules require specific courses, some of which may be common to other modules. Some examples are as follows:. See Faculty and Department listings for details.

For further fees information, please refer to the Student Financial Services section Students must consult the Dean’s office of both Faculties for permission to register in, progress in and graduate with a second undergraduate degree with an Honors Specialization, Specialization or Major module. Modules require specific courses, some of which may be common to other modules. Students intending to proceed to a four-year Honors degree should consider the degree requirements when selecting courses in first, second and third years. The courses specified by the Faculty will be used in calculating the graduating average. No exceptions will be permitted. The Honors Bachelor Degree – A minimum

The majority of courses in each module must be completed through Western University or one of the Affiliated University Colleges. Essay Course Requirements Requiremebt completion of at least 2. Students progressing into third year must meet the requirements to enter a module. Double Majors in different subjects than the Major or Minor module s completed in the previous degree. Students who are currently registered in a professional degree may apply for permission to register concurrently in requireemnt Bachelor degree.


See Academic Calendar for more details.

Graduation Requirements

Honors Specialization module 9. If you have a medical or family emergency that makes it impossible for you to complete your essay by the deadline, visit the academic counsellor of your home faculty.

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Home Graduation Graduation Requirements. Plagiarism the unacknowledged use of another person’s work is one of the most serious academic offences, since it involves fraud and misrepresentation.

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Essay Course Requirements Satisfactory completion of at least 2. Students who fail to meet the progression uow of an Honors Double Major may be eligible to continue in the Bachelor Degree Four-Year in either a Specialization module or Major module s.

Graduation Requirements Are you looking for confirmation that you will be eligible to graduate at the next convocation ceremony? Every source including websites that students have consulted whether they refer to it directly or not must be included in a bibliography Works Cited.

Higher progression standards may be required in limited enrollment modules.

Admission Requirements

For the Bachelor of Science Degree Three-Yearthe general requirements listed above for the Bachelor Degree Three-Year must be met, in addition to the following Science course requirements: Enrollment in some modules is limited and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee that students will be offered essayy. Students admitted with advanced standing to a Bachelor Degree Four-Year are required to complete a minimum of Complete and print out or upload to the course site your final draft at least 24 hours before it is due.


uwo essay requirement

Progression Requirements For progression in a Major module, a student must meet the minimum Progression Requirements to continue at the University. The chart below indicates the possibilities for upgrading to an Honors Bachelor Degree: Major 1st Year Requirements Successful requkrement of all first year requirements.

Major in the same subject as the Minor module completed in the previous degree. February in absentia Students applying to graduate in February: Have you completed 1. Permission may be denied reqiurement there is significant overlap with courses completed within the first degree.

The modules taken must fit within these degree structures.

uwo essay requirement

Except for courses in Pathology and Epidemiology and Biostatistcs completed prior to Maythese courses may be used to meet the science breadth requirement of any degree. Request a Graduation Check by following these guidelines: Modules may have higher admission requirements.


No more than Honors Specialization in either the same subject or a different subject than the Specialization or Major or Minor module completed in the previous degree. For complete degree requirements refer to the Graduation Regulations section.

uwo essay requirement

Double Majors in different subjects than the Honors Specialization or Major or Minor module s completed in the previous degree.