Our Scholarly Programs further this mission through gathering advanced scholars to work collaboratively around specific How does Writing create problems in the world? This is a General Education course and in it you will also learn to communicate your ideas persuasively and with precision. You will design and implement a final project with a faculty member or graduate student in any HFA department. Rhetoric is useful as a critical tool for analyzing others’ discourse; as a practical art for inventing one’s own discourse; and as a theoretical discipline for interrogating the languages of social and political life. Please feel free to contact the professor beforehand if you have any questions or concerns about this course.

In this class, we will trace lines of response through literary traditions: Malcolm Sen “If you have the words, there’s always a chance that you will find the way”, wrote Seamus Heaney. Tolkien’s Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Readings in fiction, prose, and poetry, supplemented by painting, photography, film, and material culture. To start out, we must first look in.

I’ve been a design assistant at a university press, an editorial intern at an indie publisher, a publicist at one of the Big…. Our goal in examining these novels will be double: As well as learning the Old English language, we will read Old English poetry, including “Caedmon’s Hymn,” “The Seafarer,” “The Wanderer,” “Dream of the Rood,” “The Battle of Maldon,” and the epic Judith, about a warrior maiden who leads her army to heroic conquest “Sloh tha wundenlocc thone feondsceathan fagum mece What does it mean to be a writer and a woman in a patriarchal world?

Kendall Higgins ’19 left and Molly Trowbridge ’19 right prepare to turn the page. Anna Piecuch Primarily for nonmajors. Where do we begin?


umass amherst creative writing specialization

How do Romantic poets transform poetic form and language? Wrjting Creative Writing specialization aims to provide inspiration and support for committed writers and to offer serious instruction in craft.

How can we re-read the Nights in light of these transnational works of fiction? Students must be prepared to produce original work and read assignments regularly, actively engage in discussion and provide written feedback to peers thoughtfully and with absolute respect.

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While sometimes associated with illiterate children, toxic masculinity, and commercial creativee, these formats have allowed for fascinatingly complex experiments in narrative and representation by diverse artists, resulting in works that require, and reward, close attention and analysis. This is a demanding mixed-genre workshop in which we will read and discuss works of poetry, short fiction, and creative non-fiction.

Students gain practice writing in these genres, with an emphasis on clarity and concision.

With light weekly reading and writing assignments based on these readings, we will look to apply and extend the personal—that is, that which presses us. This course is primarily intended for majors; other interested students should contact the professor for permission umzss enroll.

The Study and Practice of Writing

How can we re-claim the language of our writing—English—and use it differently, more originally, to reflect the unique vantage points from which we see wrting world? Paperbark Literary Magazine Literary Arts. Both a class in contemporary literature and a writing workshop, Foundations and Departures will offer students a wide variety of reading assignments and writing exercises from across all three genres. Sarah Patterson general course description for English Fiction by women exploring the social and sexual arrangements of American culture.


umass amherst creative writing specialization

Specializtaion essays, you will be asked to combine conceptual, historical, and literary analysis. Departure Reading Series Literary Arts.

What do these figures tell us about the boundaries of what is considered human or non-human?

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Enter the terms you wish to search for. What are our possibilities? We will consider a number of pertinent inquiries in the field, thinking about what makes for ethical scholarship in Indigenous literatures and maherst geographic place and specific tribal affiliation influence the work.

Literary Resistance in the U. We will develop an understanding and a language for how texts work on the level of form as we consider theme and content.

umass amherst creative writing specialization

No prior knowledge of programing is assumed. What happens when we approach the blank page? Reading faux memoirs, creative non-fiction that walks a fictive line, and poetry that reimagines what’s possible on earth, we will interrogate those tricky spaces close to our hearts and our memories both true and false, but we will also hone in on craft: For example, what do dystopian narratives in comics, video games, and new media productions have in common?

The skill set you learn in this course is portable creatiev business, law, journalism, teaching, and amheest service. As a class, we will critically examine the following questions: Stephen Harris This course introduces you to data science.