The other factor that undermines the value of testimonials and case studies is spontaneous remission, in which people get better for inexplicable reasons. Henry could remember plenty of facts from before his operation, but he could create no new facts. This is another example of the Benjamin Rush problem discussed in Chapter 2. Guns are another example. But by the numbers, more people commit suicide by gun than homicide by gun.

Most gun deaths are either unintentional or suicides. Then, through the unconscious process that I call the dynamic expectation spiral, the aspirations of the parents become manifest as a pathological need for achievement in the child. The Place of the Case Study A case study is an investigation that looks intensely and in detail at a single individual or very small number of individuals. Brief Table of Contents 2. Testimonials and Case Study Evidence: The second differentiation comes when it becomes apparent that despite being unable to learn new facts, Henry is nonetheless able to learn new skills.

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testimonials and case study evidence placebo effects and the amazing randi

Table of Contents 1. Failure to Use Sample Size Information.

However, our concern in this chapter is not with the theory itself, but with the nature of the evidence that is presented to support it. Fighting Fire with Fire.

testimonials and case study evidence placebo effects and the amazing randi

Many of the therapies presented to the public through these outlets are backed by nothing more than the testimonials of individuals who have undergone them and consider themselves improved or cured.


Those pieces of evidence which we naturally find convincing do not do real work in science. Getting Things Under Control: Direct and Stusy Operational Definitions. You are commenting using your WordPress. Methods and the Convergence Principle.

How to Think Straight About Psychology, 10th Edition

A case study is an investigation that looks intensely and in detail at a single individual or very small number of individuals. Pearson New International Edition Presents psychological topics such as falsifiability, operationalism, experimental control, converging evidence, correlational vs.

Presents information on how to differentiate between true psychological research and pseudoscience. About Cedar Riener College psychology professor, husband, father. For example, subliminal self-help audiotapes tapes that use messages below hearing threshold that are purported to raise memory performance or self-esteem generate plenty of testimonials despite the fact that controlled studies indicate that they have absolutely no effect on memory or self-esteem Lilienfeld et al.

Chapter 4: Case Studies and Testimonials | Cedar’s Digest

The Case of Clever Hans. Sometimes I think scientists or skeptics invoke the placebo effect too often to dismiss shoddy medical research, that they forget that it is absolutely incredible how powerful the placebo effect truly is. Placebo Effects and the Amazing Randi. Implicit Theories of Behavior. No, he serves as a launching off point for many other studies.


testimonials and case study evidence placebo effects and the amazing randi

Thenceforth, Henry was unable to create new memories. Because it is aamazing unfalsifiable theory, the confirmations put forth to prove it are meaningless because nothing is ruled out by the theory.

How To Think Straight About Psychology: Pearson New International Edition

For introductory psychology courses at two year or four year institutions. Testimonials and case studies are worthless as evidence, but not as inspiration, and not all case studies are equivalent.

Testimonials and Case Study Evidence: The Rodney Dangerfield of the Sciences. Keith Stanovich’s widely used and highly acclaimed book presents a short introduction thee the critical thinking skills that will help students to better understand the subject matter of psychology. It is designed to provide the instructor with the opportunity to teach critical thinking within the rich content of modern psychology.

New to this Edition New to the Ninth Edition The ninth edition of How to Think Straight About Psychology has no major structural revisions because a chapter reorganization occurred in a previous edition. Avoiding the Einstein Syndrome: They are people for whom the dynamic expectation spiral has short-circuited, creating an unconscious desire to thwart wish transference.