But if your takeaway is only those beautiful pictures, you will be better off not to talk about your outer space journey. The industry has recognized SUTD well as its first batch of graduates in were reported to have the highest starting salary. Most of its attention would be spent on reading arguably the most interesting part: Okay, maybe not that heroic, but the idea is that all stories have a happy ending with you overcoming an obstacle. Yes, just ignore all of them.

What Every Student Ought to Know: Perhaps, even from the first sentence, you would have noticed my Such qualities may just be integrity, leadership, teamwork, entrepreneurship and more. The admission process is not as simple as checking your grades and see if they meet the minimum mark. You said you screwed up your SUTD interview and yet you were still offered a place there, why this time would be any different?

SUTD, as sesay start-up university, is new and bringing with it a refreshing take to how engineering and design should be taught in schools and how they complement each other again, Siaw Young has this down! I felt that my life was just a never ending application to colleges. It is a snapshot in a particular stage of your life, usually one single story.

There were ap;lication interviewers, with a handful of moderators, according to the voices I heard in the background, possibly of them.

SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design) application

Since there is no formula for being genuine, it is best to just be genuine. He becomes a perfect human being: This point may also be moot because given that SUTD has accommodations for students per cohort, one can infer that the quality of the applicants is the limiting factor. Since my mind is still fresh on the previous question about ISTD, which is related to computing, the first guy that comes to my mind is Bill Gates, so I said “I used to like Bill Gates” I did, when I was in junior high school!


Know what you are getting yourself into. My English is like back to the time when I was interviewed before going to Singapore. Well, after this third interview, I fell sick a few days after.

In place of the traditional science labs, SUTD has fabrication labs for you to manufacture your own products. It is quite a joy to see that my blog has reached more than pageviews while I was away doing Write them down before they disappear again.

School is as much about academics as it is about the culture it upholds.

SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design) application

This is something you will not find elsewhere in such a developed form as appljcation SUTD. Singapore’s fourth university received 3, applications this year, an Bonus points if you can prove it.

If you’re shortlisted, you will be required to attend an interview by a pseudo-random selection of faculty and administrative staff. I totally lose my composure.

sutd application essay

Woong Wen Tat 14 March at You said you screwed up your SUTD interview and yet you were still offered a place appplication, why this time would be any different? You might find it to be very hard, but the struggles will eventually make you a better person.


sutd application essay

After carefully analyzing the situation and doing some deep soul searching, I reasoned that no offer would be better than this – even scholarship offers to good universities overseas would bond me to their company for long periods. Newer Post Older Post Home. In AY the inaugural batchSUTD accepted students [1], an artificially high number due to the fact that the cohort comprised of students who were willing to take a gap year.

What Every Student Ought to Know: You need to dig them out. Is it okay for you to stay in the hostel freshmen are required to stay in their hostel for 3 terms? This is the question where I started to lose my composure.

SUTD taking in record students, Education News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

The year-old, who scored six As in her A levels, spent a week in January attached to architecture students at SUTD esasy part of a job shadowing programme organised by the Building and Construction Authority. A good applicant is a good story teller.

No need to rote-memorise, but have in mind a list of things you want to say. It is a process of knowing yourself better. Previously, its intakes had ranged from toraising questions about whether it was being too selective.

Very simple, ignore all the questions.