I would also wager that the size of the North has an impact on the political culture. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. His constant claims that he wants only to keep the peace and his attempts of restoring the dynasty with a boy specifically groomed for the job make them something like believable. On a smaller scale, the same is true most of the time for the bannermen themselves; they rarely marry into other kingdoms. Even their gods are wrong.

I c e and Fire. There is absolutely no hint of an issue between Rickard and Aerys, Steffon and Aerys, or Jon and Aerys anywhere near that far back. They purport the rule of law and rationality. All his issues with House Targaryen came after he had already asked Rickard for Lyanna’s hand. Type it out or search for it on A Search of Ice and Fire.

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The Idiot’s Guide to Southron Ambitions, Part 1 (201.1)

Which is a long way of saying the goals of wmbitions rebellion change by the developments of on the ground and don’t strictly follow a blueprint made up by Lord Rickard or anyone else in the souyhron period.

Reason supplied by their own guidance and approved learning. Tywin Lannister even wed into his own family with Joanna Souhhrona cousin of his. What we know is that Marwyn tells us that some maesters are willing to kill to bring this world about and to stop the power of magic and dragons and prophecy from returning.

Modposted Leak Quarantine Threads allowing for discussion of all rumors, spoilers, leaks, etc out there on the web. Actively attempting to keep Eddard Starks remains out of Winterfell? Marriage ties mean pretty much nothing in this world. The only real ‘evidence’ there is are those betrothals and the fostering stuff.


A conspiracy against the Iron Throne makes no sense from the point of view of the Citadel. Eastwatch in the Sidebar. Suthron the houses had ever aspired a better foundation for a lasting peace in the whole realm, this dream was shattered at the end of Robert’s Rebellion.


This united House Tully and House Arryn. We don’t know enough about this conspiracy’s internal structure to say how it is directed, but obviously there are members in the Citadel that Marwyn feels the need to warn Sam about.

southron ambitions essay

The great lion of the rock had quarreled with the king and stayed away, but many of his bannermen and knights attended all the same. Dragons gone to never return, and the Others only stuff of distant legend.

After the war these Houses begin making diplomatic overtures ambitinos one another with marriage pacts and ward exchanges. Naval invasion is the only option. Or did that raven never make it to Tywin? Pycelle is an old, done man in the series, but he actually seems to have been a pretty competent and able guy back in the day when he was chosen as Grand Maester.

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One of the big indicators that Southron Ambitons may have been overstated are the actions of Hoster Tully. Preston Jacobs talks about this in his video series on the subject and you further proved his point on this specific aspect of the story. We recommend avoiding these discussions until you’re caught up.


Or was it just the general discontent with Aerys and he saw an opportunity for his Lord to take advantage of? Already have an account?

Although southgon lead to that end. As someone who has argued that there is indeed a political bloc that Rickard is instrumental in constructing to do away with Targaryen power, let me say I disagree with this version. For us in the real world it is Martin asking us to ask ourselves if, in a world in which magic is real, would the rationalist ideas of the Enlightenment be all for the better?

So again, no evidence of an offensive or defensive intent siuthron House Targaryen. View all Movies Sites.

southron ambitions essay

Placing one of the faction’s members in the Grand Maester’s chair is obviously critical as well. Dany hatching the eggs was a miracle. But I think it is a mistake without basis to work backwards from what we know happened to suggest that the fosterings and relationships were made in the first place to have an offensive or defensive intent against House Targaryen. If ambitikns completed the book, set your scope above to ADWD. You can follow along with Stefan’s reread of A Dance with Dragonsor read more of his work at Geschichtsblog and Oeffinger Freidenker.