We are clearly not sharing his mental space. Furthermore, Chase shows us a full shot of a teenage couple at a table. He would have just drawn his gun and shot Tony, who was in no position to defend himself from a frontal attack anyway. They ceased to exist because the show was over not because the main character was killed. As seductive as these explanations are, the final scene of “The Sopranos” and the ensuing debate over what becomes of Tony speaks to something more primal still. Ok, this is a convincing analysis and you have me good. We know that Tony is two-faced and suffering cognitive dissonance.

Whereas, the ultimate fate of Tony, while Chase did want it to be initially ambiguous, would certainly not be something Chase would leave hanging. However, it has much more meaning than the viewer may initially think. Also, we never got to see the relationship between Blanca and AJ sour, and I would have liked to have spend more time with Christopher and Cleaver. The letdown of “Made in America” was as palpable as the series was influential. David Chase is no stranger to this theme.

Having just watched the series for the second time, and having read a few posts about all this, it seems pretty damn obvious to me what happens.

In a sense this was a Pavlovian type response.

MOJ man seized the moment and is merely working out the details of the hit when he glances in the direction of Tony. So now, it is quite reasonable to expect that Patrick Parisi was aware of the dinner at Holstens. If I had to rank the seasons a really tought task: In the history of the world opera art, known as “the great, legendary Ternina”, she is as such she enfing referred to in all encyclopaedias. In fact, it is sheer brilliance to give us, the viewers the same fate as Tony by putting us in his shoes as he is killed.


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More importantly, he wanted us to extract the main themes of the show as a result of that search. The Sopranos HBO, — could be considered an early example of this tendency. The movie would pick up sometime after he recovers from this fainting episode.

sopranos ending dissertation

However, and my apologies if you covered this as I did not read every word in detailgiven dissergation good Tony is at spotting trouble, how could he not feel something sopranks about MOG? Go here to read and here for page 2.

I believe that link holds the key: Moral Emotions, Antiheroes and the Limits of Allegiance Was he so far on the edge that he was almost looking to get plugged because he saw the end coming as inevitable and welcome compared to being put through a trial?

Best of Salon: Why “The Sopranos” final scene haunts us still

Has any filmmaker ever used POV to suggest death the way Chase did here? His murder of Adriana through Sil was truly his most despicable act. Considering how much the show pushed her feline qualities leopard print everythingit fits. She blamed Tony for putting her in the nursing home. All roads lead to Rome, so to speak, and all sorpanos point to finality.

Why would the strange guy in the final scene of the Sopranos have to retrieve a gun from the washroom? But now we are disconnected before we witness that final event, with all of the signs still being there. What can I say?


sopranos ending dissertation

She has long black hair and is holding a dissertatipn. Although she performed in most diverse operas of Italian, German, and French style, she was best known by her interpretalions of Wagner’s heroines and drew special attention when performing in Mozart’s operas.

The Sopranos

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The same can be said of Meadow- dissertatino to college, idealistic, but over time tainted by the family. Thanks for a great read tho. If you died right here, would you get to see your daughter first, or will she still be parking that car? Tv or Not Tv?

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In Breaking Bad it is a dramaturgically closed form in which the deadly ending is inscribed in the narrative from the very beginning; while in Mad Men the conditions for the eissertation are different due to its rather epic and open dramaturgy. David Chase is no stranger to this theme. What interests me is no-one has explored the fact the final POV shot could be from Meadow and it was her that got clipped.

The position next to him is reserved for Meadow.

He sadly misses the big picture, what made him truly happy.