Not even that virtuoso of the uglv, Huvsmans, than whom no writer of the past century ever ” rendered ” surfaces into such impeccable truth, with such implacable ferocity, is as clairvoyant as James. Sir Thomas Browne, in such books as Religio Medici and Urn-Burial, wrote essays of an elaborate rhetorical style, the long fine sentences winding themselves out in delicate weft-like trails of smoke on a still air, hanging in translucent veils. Lynd tells us about Perseus saving Andromeda from a water beast and about St. Just Download this Mobile App and Easy to The rhythm of prose is never that, and it is in vain to play the sedulous ape to the great masters if nothing but their style is imitated. Yet what novelist has kept his ear so close to quotidian happenings, and with what dignity and charm in his crumbling cadences? I have long promised myself that I would see it.

The round ball is the symbol of perfection and man can find it a pleasure to pursue this. It is enough to note that Hawthorne, though he has not waned to the extent that Longfellow has, has ceased for most readers to be a star of the first or second magnitude. They mark an honest retreat into immediate experience and animal faith. Do you go on a fine afternoon and take your stand on Waterloo Bridge to see that wondrous river facade that stretches with its cloud-capped towers and gorgeous palaces from Westminster to St. This all flows with something of the noble ease of hexameters, yet without falling into the vices of pseudo-poetic prose. Here and there one had peeps of the towers of the cathedral, and at last I came upon the lawns around it whence its huge bulk, shadowed with buttresses and statuary, rose ghostly to the sky. Half- way there was a cathedral town, a few miles from which is a house where I counted on being put up for the night.

With a start and a swift fearful throbbing of the blood I sat up and sharply turned. If — like everybody else — I’ve done such a lot of it, I can’t honestly say I’ve ever cared much for shooting rabbits, though the effect is neat enough when you get them just right and they turn head over heels — and anyway, the prolific little brutes have to be kept down.

If we had the music — but there is solemn perversity in us too; by reason of which we can hardly listen to the music, much less play it, hardly listen to it or understand it even when Mozart makes it for us. Schickaneder, in fact, constructed a mere diagram to which Mozart gave life.


But ribert under an archway I came upon a wide enclosed place of shining grass surrounded with long Georgian houses, faintly porticoed and trellised. The colour of the butterfly rightly matches with the colourful garments that the tourists are wearing.

For they were un- smiling eyes and themselves expressed an un- utterable sadness, as it appeared to me at the first swift glance; or perhaps not that, as it presently 35 W. And we are sure that the Queen of Night, and the ugly negro and all his goose-stepping attendants, exsay not punished.

The final essay on the late W.

seaside essay robert lynd

In an armchair, with my dressing-gown around me, a pipe in my left hand and a glass of warni liquor lyynd reach of my right, I settled down to the familiar book. Longfellow has become an exiguous contributor to an anthology except in so far as he is taught, like Irving, to schoolchildren, and Lowell is oftener quoted by politicians than 10 HAWTHORNE by critics of letters.

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There, too, actually was my wild ostrich — the one I galloped so hard after, letting off my Winchester at half a mile, only to see him vanish over the horizon. This grave and equable momentum is one of his greatest technical qualities. As they came lower and lower over me I could almost swear I heard them whisper to each other with their long bills, and presently I abso- lutely caught what they were saying: West conducted an extensive research and experiments on the problems of teaching English as a foreign language in India.

In their tentative, many-sided, indomitable way, the Germans have been groping for four hun- dred years towards a restoration of their primitive heathenism. He is not all frosty intellect. In short, ladies, I may be found in many places. I have always thought a hare a jolly beast, and not infrequently felt sorry when I rolled one over; it has a way of crying like a child if not killed outright. We doubt his authority; he writes, but does he know?

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They wish everybody to sacrifice or rather to forget happiness, and to do ” deeds. There they were, hideously close, with an expression on their faces that I could not read; a sort of wry look, every nose and beak turned a little to one side.


An essay is a thing which someone does himself; and the point of the essay is not the subject, for any subject will suffice, but the charm of seasise.

Here and there one had peeps of the towers of the cathedral, and at last I came upon the lawns around it whence its huge bulk, shadowed with buttresses and statuary, rose ghostly to the sky. You need to set out with young Tom aged ten on a voyage of discovery and see all the sights of this astonishing city as though you had come to it from a far country. Emerson does not soar at quite such an altitude as he once did, but he is still an indubitable figure of genius on the sunny side of the clouds.

He used to hurry to the library and take up a book, in order that the tourists might nudge each other and say in whispers, ” There wssay the Lord Chancellor.

Robert lynd essay seaside

You need a holiday in London as I do. Like our sister planet, the moon, he has his rhythmic moments of libration; he then reveals his other side, a profoundly human, emotional one. But what is needed for a satisfying performance is a world congruous to the eye as well as to essat ear; and for this we need a break with all our theatrical conventions.

seaside essay robert lynd

But the spiritual antennae which he puts forth so tentatively alwavs touch real things, not conjectural. Carl van Doren’s admirable selection from Twice-told Tales, Mosses from an Old Manse, and The Snow Image, is beautiful prose, seaaside if it falls short of supreme greatness. The chief fault is not his obscurity his prose, like the seawide in Browning’s Sordello, is packed with too many meaningsbut that his character always speaks in purest Jacobean.

But I couldn’t see her distinctly enough to satisfy myself: I will disprove you.

seaside essay robert lynd