It also must decide whether to shift manufacturing away from Switzerland to lower cost countries like India. Exact matches only Advanced Search. Other suggestions include how students can maximize the benefits of small group discussion and improve their classroom contributions. This lack of substitutes increases the bargaining power of the chocolate industry The strongest Competitive Forces From the five competitive forces, they are relatively low to moderate in affecting premium chocolate industry especially Rogers Chocolate. That situation considers less intense rivalry among competitors; moreover every area has their own local king like Rogers in Victoria. The case illustrates IMAX’s use of its unique capabilities to pursue a focused differentiation strategy. The case ends with Cameron, run off its feet in North America, trying to decide whether to enter Europe via licensing, joint venture or direct investment.

In examining the Dell story, students learn about how Dell built up a set of competitive advantages that seemed unassailable until the early s. The management decision-making will be very crucial to manage its strength and weakness while at the same time; they have to overcome the threat and opportunities in the industry. People not only say about how good Rogers Chocolate was but also their great experiences in Rogers Store. New company must increase its spending to overcome the reputation and large customer base of the existing companies. The premium chocolate has a differentiated product, which reduces the power of buyers. Now, considering the new management philosophy and several other factors, the managing director faced the decision of whether Samsung should enter the Indian market. While Harlequin was the dominant and very profitable producer of series of romance novels, research indicated that many customers were reading as many single-title romance and women’s fiction as series romances.

The president wondered which strategy cse be best for the rogees short- and long-term viability. In this case, the general manager is reviewing the annual performance result. Now, considering the new management philosophy and several other factors, the managing director faced the decision of whether Samsung should enter the Indian market. Therefore, the premium chocolate players that will remain in the market are only those who could ride the changes and rise above the expectation of consumers because brand and quality play a significant role in customer purchase decision.


YB had been attempting to internationalize its products and an overseas department had been established in specifically for this purpose. DVD-rental and video-streaming service that had stufy entered the Canadian market. Transportation and Warehousing Issues: David Monaco, asset and construction director of Carrefour China, had little experience with green building, and was struggling with how to translate that announcement into specifications for store design and operations.

Increasingly, it will also depend on external conditions beyond Rayovac’s control, such as macroeconomic conditions and foreign exchange fluctuations. Both she and Bjorn Bjornson, vice-president of finance and chief financial officer, agreed to purchase more stock and recommit to the business. It also robers decide whether to shift manufacturing away from Switzerland to lower cost countries like India.

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Casee Economy was in a state of crisis yet the management team did not see the need for change. The local project team suggested applying the material for acne treatment.

rogers chocolates case study ivey

FunTours’ aggressive strategy was to provide large capacity at low prices, thus creating a price war and decreased margins. Then the mobile telecommunication service market situation in South Korea is summarized.

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This case examines the financial, organizational and managerial challenges of maintaining a highly integrated global value chain and asks students to determine the appropriateness of this set-up in the context of an increasingly market-oriented industry. Its decision will involve both geographic and product diversification.

The brand is very well-established in Victoria and has loyal consumers Mission Statement:. Yunnan Baiyao YBwas a household brand in China for its unique traditional herbal medicines.

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Drivers of Change Those competitive forces as explained above can be a driver of change either individually or collectively. In response, IMAX sought to grow by expanding into multiplexes.

What kind of resources and support should the local health care business segment seek from headquarters for the product development? Moreover, an increasingly complex and dispersed global value chain configuration posed organizational and managerial challenges regarding coordination, communication and logistics. It did this rogsrs such an extent that it created a separate entity to run the distribution of Bio-Oil in South Africa. The case describes the crisis of confidence of investors in the strategic choices made by Starbucks.


rogers chocolates case study ivey

Given that at chocolayes additional company stores were scheduled for opening or renovation during the next three years in China, the project would have long term implications for Carrefour. The case enables students to come up with strategies for the CEO for market expansion. The Netflix entry also provided potential benefits for some players, such as Rogers, who could profit from increased Internet usage. The retail stores create a unique costumer experience with the aromas chovolates image of the store and one of the friendliest staff.

In particular, the case discusses how technology and globalization have changed industry dynamics and have caused companies to reassess their sources of competitive advantage. However, Rogers needs to expand its strength beyond outside Victoria especially stucy young people and definitely repair the weaknesses to cater the growing market.

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A marginal rise in the price of biomass fuel in early has, however, led to a steep stuy in demand, making the continuance in the rural household market unsustainable. After a restructuring effort, Samsung had emerged as a leader in the global electronics industry.

The company has grown rapidly over the past decade and a half, and now exports bottled water into many countries in the world from its production plant located in the Fiji Islands. Copying or posting is an infringement of copyright.