In addition to that, many people view them as ignorant, uneducated or low intelligent quotient IQ since they were not able to spell the words correctly. Though the paper is mainly centered to Jejemons, non-members of the phenomenon will also benefit from the paper because it will help them to understand the reasons why Jejemons act a certain way and why are they against them. What are the misconceptions, as well as, social and individual benefits one can gain from the Jejemon culture? Nevertheless, Gao pointed out that when the society changes, language mirrors the reality of that society that will also undergo transformation. This study is significant for forthcoming researchers who will make similar studies on the topic Jejemon since only few tried to deal with the case which became a big issue in the local setting. The researchers looked into the different walls of different Facebook users to identify the jejemon occurrences.

The website InternetSlang, where a list of slang terms, acronyms and abbreviations used in social networking sites are seen, describes Jejemons as people who type stupidly. When interviewed, respondents revealed that they often used it in twitter and facebook. It is more likely that people are looking at only one perspective which caused them to conclude such things. In this case, letter A to number 4 and letter E to number 3. Teenagers use among themselves these ongoing linguistic processes especially in computer-mediated communication format. The researchers conducted the study by identifying the jejemon occurrences in the different Facebook accounts.

As a twitter-holic, it is a jeejemon to twit thoughts in characters beating the readers to difficultly understand its meaning [1]. She also has encouraged the teachers to use proper spelling and grammar to teach the students. First, it is for the mass; for those ordinary people who are into following the trend.


Although the multiple uses of punctuation marks are considered unusual, the use of period is not. Ops, wala akong sinabi!

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Clearly jjeemon, people mock them for their spelling and grammar; moreover, label them as individuals with low IQ intelligence quotientuneducated, ignorant; thus, threat to language. She men- tioned that Jejemon are individuals with low IQ with their idiocy on the web.

Nevertheless, Gao pointed out that when the society changes, language mirrors the reality of that society that will also undergo transformation.

There were no specific factors that were found to justify the use of such jejemom. Neither way had the phenomenon triggered enormous social debate. The negative results would post a threat to their English performances particularly on linguistic competences if and when their exposure to this clout will continue.

research paper jejemon

Specifically, the study determines the different morphological transformation Tecsonand other features distinct to jejenese — the language of jejemon.

During his college days, Mr. Hate groups called Jejebusters, grammar Nazis, from social networking sites such as Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts were made to bash them. Textual analysis was also done to further explain the noticeable patterns of jejemon writings. This paper would benefit the focus, Jejemons, for it intends to change the undesirable, negative perceptions of the society to jejemin pleasing and acceptable thoughts about them.

The new media imposes economic and space restrictions on text messaging.

The Effects of Jejemon Essay

Third, they make the communication hard oaper of complex word spelling. Unconventional use of punctuations; d. The etymology I’m familiar with and that makes the most sense to me is geographically specific. Because of this, society views them as threat in the formal communication process. Thus, it is clearly seen that it is related to Jejemons because both were hated or taken against since it is a part of current thought of the majority.


According researcb the UrbanDictionary.

F-test results show that there papdr no significant difference on their usage of jejemon texting styles: Help Center Find new research papers in: In this case, letter A to number 4 and letter E to number 3. Just as whether or not the Jejenese and the Jejebet wreak havoc on major languages depends on how one perceives Jejemonism.

Jejeomn of which is the computer — mediated communication. The data was tabulated and statistically interpreted using frequency counts, percent, mean, ranking, Pearson-r and F-test.

research paper jejemon

Eventually other schools picked this up. As a result, an “SMS language” has been developed where words resezrch shortened in order to fit the character limit. Results suggest- ed that the student-respondents were flexible enough in using the jejemon texting style as their general academic performance in English was not affected.

According to this theory, one’s intelligence is a mixture of these nine. But with all this mockery was never a help because instead of defaming them, it somehow added to the attention Jejemons received.

Com, it is anyone with a low tolerance for papdr punctuation, syntax and grammar.