Nyiragongo In a major eruption from Mt Key Terms: Emergency food rations should be strategically stockpiled, together with charcoal fuel and stoves. However, weekly meetings with the Governor have been instigated, as have regular slots for the GVO volcanologists on Radio Okapi. Fluoride overdoses caused a variety of sickness and turning people’s teeth transparent. This matter is addressed in the next section. The two teams, who have worked in full collaboration with one another, have published their reports,1,2 including one by P.

The situation was exacerbated by the lava on which Goma was built, which made digging latrines impossible. The water intake pipe for the Lac Kivu station is only a few metres away from the edge of the lava flow. Two major lava flows up to 2 m. The animation actually shows two plumes coming from two locations close to each other: New aid workers are warned by older and wiser colleagues never to give cash to beneficiaries. Security was the main reason for the rapid return of the population: As indicated above, decisions on protecting people from the volcano cannot be made in isolation from the health sector and its state of preparedness to prevent major outbreaks of infectious disease.

An eruption of Montagne Pelee, Martinique wiped out the city and 28, of its inhabitants inbut the devestation was caused by pyroclastic flows. Political vulnerability, which includes the humanitarian crisis, will profoundly affect how the people regard warnings about impending eruptions and their beliefs in taking actions such as evacuation to protect themselves.

As far as the present hazard volcank in Goma is concerned, the following observations can be made, pending a full hazard assessment:. In contrast, the lava in the Munigi area moved more slowly tens or hundreds of metres per hourand solidified and flowed at a depth as great as m in some places.

Mount Nyiragongo

In some places short tongues of pahoehoe lava flowed from the sides of the main flows into topographical depressions and ignited nearby houses Fig. Human, infrastructural and geo-morphological vulnerability play the major role in the danger from epidemics from cholera, the other main hazard to the Goma people in this volcanic crisis. Nyiragkngo country Democratic Republic of the Congo. The epidemiological surveillance programme showed a large increase in total eruptikn at the two hospitals and 18 functioning primary health care centres after the eruption Fig.


nyiragongo volcano eruption 2002 case study

The lack of fires spreading further in the city was an unexpected finding and significantly czse the overall hazard. Nyiragongo is an exceptional volcano, and one that can have an exceptional impact on people’s eruptioon. In the longer term, the concept of having such a large population living in Goma on a fracture line from the summit of the active Nyiragongo volcano to Lake Kivu and its gas hazard must be formally questioned by scientists for the first – and not the last – time.

Both eruptions were observed in satellite images. Humanitarian Icons – Ready-to-use symbols and icons. In view of the scientific uncertainties involved any risk assessment must be probabilistic, taking into account a range of possible scenarios and their casualty consequences. The findings could be updated as new information on the volcano was obtained from new scientific work and in the light of developments in volcanic activity.

Nyiragongo In a major eruption from Mt Key Terms: Saunders, Housing, Lives and Livelihoods: There is an urgent need to ensure the adequate monitoring of the volcano and to develop contingency planning for a future eruption.

Both the main supply pumping stations for the city, Lac Kivu and Turquoise, were out of action because the power supplies had also been disrupted by the eruption.

As graves could not be dug in the lava rock, bodies were picked up by trucks for subsequent mass burial.

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Another outbreak of diarrhoeal disease occurred, but in striking contrast to the catastrophe, the numbers of deaths in this mass movement from non-violent causes was very low, although precise numbers could not be estimated. There are three principal volcano scenarios presented in the draft plan that will need to be expanded upon in more detail as part of the Risk Assessment meeting.


There is abundant evidence from around the globe that post-disaster economies revive quickly if everyone has a little money syudy spend. The electrical grid needs strengthening so that power can be switched along different routes when a line is disrupted by a lava flow.

The Impacts of the Nyiragongo Eruption by Elsie Linley on Prezi

Money does not even have to be given free though the food, pots and sheets were. However, the massive fissuring of the flank of the volcano in Januaryextending 18 km from the crater to Goma, is strongly suspected by scientists to have a tectonic or rifting origin, at least in part, which implies that the volcano has moved to a new and more hazardous state, with the risk in future eruptions of fractures and lava emissions arising in Goma itself, or even deep within Lake Kivu.

The consequences to health in terms of trauma and infections of these impacts were relatively small, especially in comparison to the potential hazards from the lava flows 6.

nyiragongo volcano eruption 2002 case study

People who were unable to collect water from the piped system after the eruption would have taken water from the lake. GFE Consulting, Marchhttp: The geomorphology of the lake, including its great depth and proximity to an active volcanic centre, underlie its present hazardous, gas-laden state.

nyiragongo volcano eruption 2002 case study

The potential for carbon dioxide emissions has been known for a long time, as there are numerous dry gas vents in the area, especially near Lake Kivu, that emit carbon dioxide, and occasionally lead to deaths in humans. For various reasons see belowthis type of eruption would be more dangerous than either the or January events. Visits were made to Sake and camps for displaced persons.

Complex justifications are developed. Volcano Nyiragongo – Jan