You won’t receive any useless newsletters, only a few tips to walk you through the first steps, and occasionally some big announcements. We do not post on Facebook, we do not store any of your data, we do not sell your data. Choose a new password and click Reset. You can check your map even if you’re completely offline. If you tried to sign up and got the message Invalid password , then you probably already have an account linked to this email address. Click on the three dots of the left drawer where you see tags and choose either filtering function. If so, take these simple steps to log back in to your mapstr account:.

Once you are logged in Click on the left drawer where you see your tags. Paris-based Mapstr differs from these apps because it is built with a design philosophy of simplicity. I tried Google Maps as well, but the clarity of the pins is so much clearer on this map. Click on your profile above your tags. To remember your best spots restaurants, bars, museums If you have forgotten your password, no worries! To empower entrepreneurs with the tools to build and grow their companies.

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Put your account as public Influencers can put their profile mapstt public to avoid having to accept friend requests from their community. Add maps to your Favorites by clicking on the three little dots next to Favorites.

Remember Your Favorite Places on Your Travels With Mapstr for iOS

To edit a tag’s name or colouryou can: Create, edit or delete a tag Bysiness you add tags to a place, you can use existing ones businss create new ones. That’s why we’ve included an export feature to let you download a copy of your data, anytime you want. The only thing we use is the list of your Facebook friends that are already on mapstr and not the others to let you quickly add them as friends.


mapstr business plan

Once you have launched the app, you’re only a few steps away from starting your own map and discovering new spots. Please check your email address before validating! Add a friend When adding friends on mapstr, you mmapstr giving them access to your map and you can access theirs.

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businezs This account will let you choose your privacy settings, and who you want to share your map with. It’s not often I find an app that hits the nail on the head but it’s app is perfect. But we do value a lot your privacy, so if you insist, we will delete your account and all the data attached to it.

It worked perfect to start with but lately, has stopped working.

mapstr business plan

Click on your profile above your tags. But if you really don’t want to receive any notifications, you can change your preferences in the app.

Order the list business Distance from your current locationName alphabeticallyor Date most recently added. To see a map, click on the right drawer.


mapstr business plan

See your friends’ maps To see a map, click on the right drawer. You can also choose the order of your Favorites.

The list view looks great too. Click on ‘Restore’ to put it back on your friend’s list. In order to do so:. If you still experience issues with your map try the following: Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing ,apstr.

Mapstr – Support

Any comments on why you are leaving mapstr? And book the best restaurant for tonight, even if you’re on the other side of the world. Click on Reset my map. And of course, we want to be more present and more visible globally in Choose a new password and click Reset. Where is it supported? Going with your Instagram username is often the right choice! Enter your email address and create a password.

How to Remember Your Favorite Places on Your Travels

Download iOS Android Web businss. Once you have downloaded the map, click on ‘See’ to display it. Log out from your account If you want to disconnect from your account: How does it work?