New cars, new phones, new clothes. It is destructive for any personal’s goal, but on the other hand it is a great factor that keep the economy growing. This has been positive for America so it is a good quality. Posted by Kenneth at 6: Our country has been built on the structure that we strive for such big things that it is impossible to ever be satisfied and this mentality has been leaked into the mind of most Americans. People want to set out to accomplish goals but once those goals have been met, they are not satisfied.

It helps us set goals and gives your life twists and turns which makes it interesting. These towns in the s may have been built in very bad locations such as to far away from any real natural resource such as water or trees. Ariel Shore February 3, at 7: The More Factor send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. People want to set out to accomplish goals but once those goals have been met, they are not satisfied.

This shows the true face of the American identity. The more people they had coming, the more money they would be making.

laurence shames the more factor thesis

The Americans were and still are ambitious and with a belief that the frontier is the be the beginning of a huge economic upswing and a promise of ever-expanding opportunities. Wanting more can bring upon greed consequently from not being able to have the newest gadgets or any other object straight off the market. It is helping the economy progress to greater statures and is making America a more victorious place.

The common elements are that some person figured out a profitable venture and continued to produce more until it became unprofitable due to a variety reasons.

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The More Factor Essay Example for Free – Sample words

Is there life after death? About Me Scott Self View my complete profile. Sometimes some would be paid to appear as residents for a census worker to count and even their houses would be setup to be transportable. They constantly buy and always want more.


The More Factor Essay

I do not think the ” more” mindset is good. In order to have more, growing is necessary and Americans have always found a way to do this. In my personal experience, thwsis my coworkers and me, I am the only one who also goes to college. Everything that we do and innovate, build and buy are factors of wanting more. I feel as though the demand might be a lot in America, but without it America would not advance to such great lengths. Shames explains how in the start of the frontier people would buy land in the middle of nowhere with the gamble of the railroad coming through the town to make the town grow and would make them very rich.

This has been positive for America so it is a good quality. He thought of the frontier as a place not of just empty acreage, but as a place ,ore idea. The American Frontier lost its meaning of searching for more land long ago, it is the mentality the one that prevails time.

The way we consume, the way we behave, and even the way we want to always have more acquisitions was shaped by the original definition of the American Frontier.

They wanted more of everything just like how Americans of today do.

laurence shames the more factor thesis

The constant desire for more is what helps America continue to grow in technology and other products that they use. During the Wild West years, the abundance of land gave people opportunities to achieve better lives. Shames’ main point is that the notion of having more has always been an essential ideal to this country and is still is.


They wanted the railroad to have a route their town so that the development of a real town would eventually emerge, and lead to the speculators becoming very wealthy.

We cannot diagnose it, nor can we stop it. America is still searching for more, even after all the years of pushing until there was no more. Also, with the spread of advertisement and new business, they makes the “more” factor to be fulfilled period. It is a positive because it helps make America a better place for people to live but at the same time people need to see through it all and realize that materials mean noting and at the end of the day its whats inside you that never dies.

What else can we turn to? But even if growth is revered so sacredly, it will eventually make way for other values and goals because the room to grow is slowly diminishing; from time to time during the last few decades of the ‘s, the productivity growth went down.

We always want more and better products. Because they have the belief that these land would worth a lot more in the future after it is build laurenec as the growth of economy and the extra need of consumer.

The More Factor send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service thexis privacy policy. The American frontier was the defining moment in history that I strongly believe has determined the identity of America.

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