Fakhruz Zaman, Sharif Diffusion and adsorption of aromatics in zeolites by zero length column technique. Khan, Amir Amanullah An Ethernet bridge with packet filtering and statistics collection capabilities. Najjari, Homam Marwan Rashad Investigation of optimization techniques for scheduling precedence computations with communication costs. Antar, Mohamed Abdelkarim Mohamed Analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer around and inside a liquid sphere. Abdul Hameed, Mohammed A study of mix design and durability of self compacting concrete. Shoaib, Muhammad Fuzzy logic controller for power system stability enhancement. Ahmad, Firoz Magnetic field management in underground cables.

Sultan, Mir Asif Application of neural network to the determination of well-test interpretation model for horizontal wells. Mohammed, Yassir Obeid Quality of service routing. Al-Ruwaily, Saleh Bedawi A solution of the inverse problem in quantum mechanical scattering theory using the distorted born and other approximations. Kandlawala, Muhammad Fareed Investigation of dynamic behavior of power system installed with statcom. Ubaid, Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim Generalized balanced and approximately balanced representations. Aitah, Redha Amin Performance study of the lowest bidder bid awarding system in government projects – Saudi Arabia. Al-Attas, Husain Salem On the blow-up by comparison.

Al-Mutairi, Musaad Ali Heat and mass transfer analysis of liquid desiccant-air contact system in a gauze-type structured packing tower. Ismail, Taisir Hasan Null steering in phased and adaptive arrays by controlling the element positions.

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Al-Kurdi, Saleh Muhammad Ahmad Durability assessment criterion for concrete and reinforcement exposed to simulated environmental conditions of Saudi Arabia. Mahmood, Syed Iftekhar Impact testing of brittle materials using split hopkinson pressure templlate technique.


Sharaf, Amin Hussain Investigation into the modulus of elasticity of concrete.

Aboul-Nour, Louay Abdel-Razek Fracture and permeability characteristics of thermally degraded concrete. Aal-e-Ali, Photoinitiated polymerization by phosphonium salts incorporating a chromophore unit. Hameeduddin, Mohammed Evaluation of load transfer in axially loaded repaired concrete columns.

Al-Qahtani, Mohhmad Shayea Ali Forced flow in the entry region of concentric annuli kfum impulsively rotated inner walls.

Ahmad, Aftab Investigations on a flat, square plate at high incidence in a low speed flow. Fasiuddin, Mohammed HVAC system operation strategies for energy conservation and thermal comfort in commercial buildings in Saudi Arabia. Khursheed, Syed Naveed Economic production quantity models with variable production rates.

Ahmed, Shakeel Synthesis, modification and catalytic evaluation of high-silica zeolites.

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Tijan, Jimoh Catalytic hydroformylation of alkenes and polyalkenes: Al-Betar, Abdul-Rahman Faisal Photophysical behavior of 1,8-diaminonaphthalene in acidic aqueous solutions and in femplate sieves. Hussain, ahmed Research statement. Al-Mutairi, Eid Musaad H.

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Al-Muntasheri, Ghaithan Ahmad Rheology of gelling polymers used in reservoir water shutoff treatments. Refai, Jubran Ali Ahmed A Modified nodal formulation parametric sensitivities for power system analysis. Masood, Khalid Some exact and approximate inverse boundary and theais problems. Kareem, Kaiser Load induced cracking and failure of concrete deck slabs in girder-slab type bridges. Mohammed, Aliyu Shazali Computational chemo-damage transport modeling of durability synergies in concrete.


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Ali, Mohammed Shahjahan The Effect of high temperature and aging on water-base drilling fluids. Al-Abdullatif, Abdullatif Mohammad Hamad Systematic examination techniques for planning and scheduling among Saudi Arabian construction firms.

Deanship of Graduate Studies – Thesis Forms

Abdul Majid, Mohammed Analysis of multi-layer arrow planar waveguide for evanescent field enhancement in low-index. Shehata, Ali Abdul-Aziz Mohammad Mixed convection from kfupk horizontal cylinder rotating in a cooling cross-stream.

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A Web Service Approach. Ramadhan, Rezqallah Hasan Fayyadh. Ahmed, Eball Hifthy A. Al-Refai, Abdurrahman Saleh Surface roughness measurement using laser detection technique. Al-Zayer, Ramzy M Stochastic model for love wave propagation in an inhomogeneous layer. Mohammed, Niaz A groundwater temllate and dissolved oxygen on bioremediation of gasoline-contaminated sandy aquifers. Gubati, Ahmad Abdul-Hamid sallam Study of various repair methods for reinforced concrete flexural members.

Naseer, Syed Khaja A process miggration subsystem for distributed applications: Amin, Ahmed Moeness M. Al-Shalan, Furaih Fayiz Performance of quadrature amplitude modulation in Nakagami fading channels with diversity.