Chowdhury, Mohammad Sharif Two improved lossless image compression methods. Rasheed, Aiman Designing of objects using smooth cubic splines. Modeling and Application to a Swirl-Stabilized Combustor. Ahmad, Abid Maqsood Development of an equivalent dispersion coefficient for a complex contaminant transport model. Bashir, Adamu Catalytic chain transfer polymerization of methacrylates and styrene. Al-Zayer, Ali Dhaif Analytical and finite element investigation of initial clearance effect on tube-to-tubesheet joint strength.

Mustafa, Yahya Mohamed Zeidan Software design language for concurrent distributed systems. Al Zahrani, Abdallah Muhammad Behavior of transmitted wave in gain media. Alam, Mansoor A generalized approach to the machining economics optimization. Al-Ustath, Ahmed Evaluation of repair materials with emphasis on crack injection repair. Masoud, Osama Taleb An integrated stereo algorithm based on coarse-to-fine features and intensity values.

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Jide, Olanrewaju Moshood Development and application of linear state estimators in control of reactive distillation. Farooqui, Mohammed Sajeed Combined electrooxidation and electrocoagulation processes for the treatment of municipal wastewater.

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tem;late Al-Khamis, Mohammed Najim Evaluation of correlations for natural gas compressibility factors. Nadeem, Mohammad Mohsin Evolution based scheduling of precedence computations with communication costs. Thadpatri, Mohammed Abbas Maintenance scheduling of power system generating units by tabu search. Aziz Synthesis, spectroscopic studies and structure of gold III chloride compounds of heterocyclic N-oxide diadducts revealing short hydrogen bond.

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Saleem, Muhammad Assessment of the relationship between the spilled LNAPL volume and its thickness in thssis wells considering the water table fluctuation history. Limalia, Ismael Mohamed A multi-level invariant representation of digital images.


Al-Nazer, Ahmed Ali Collaborative autonomous interface agent for personalized web search. Fallatah, Gasem Mohammed Sulfide stress cracking of dissimilar metal welds.

kfupm thesis template

Ziraba, Yasin Naku Material and fracture characterization of sisal fibre concrete. Ibrahim, Ahmed Aidid Separation process kfuom the recovery of desalted water and chemical products from indigenous saline water resources. Cunningham, Michael John Comparison of accepted procedures for determining schedule and cost impact.

Shahzad, Farrukh Management of magnetic fields in and around substations.

Adinoyi, Abdulkareem Bala Performance evaluation of I-Q trellis codes over frequency-selective fading channels. PhD thesis, Oregon State University.

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Balah, Mohamed Analysis of laminated general shells undergoing finite rotations and large motion. Eydatoula, Yousouf Packed-bed adsorption of phenol and 2, 4 dichlorophenoxy acetic acid on the macroreticular resin XAD Malaibari, Zuhair Omar Corrosion behavior of mild steel under atmospheric and accelerated conditions after treatment by several inhibitor solutions.

Al-Qatari, Saeed Abdulwahid Automated billing system for public utilities. Qureshy, Asif Bashir Fatigue of concrete in the presence of a crack. Al-Bashrawi, Saleh Ali Reductive lie groups and mostow fibration. Ahmad, Shafique Chain transfer agents: El-Rayyes, Ali El-Said Hassan Study of the photochemical properties of some aromatic compounds on molecular sieves using a picosecond pulse laser system.


Ratrout, Ndhal Taisir Estimating the parking demand for mosques. Ghaleb, Badr Mohammed Naji Strengthening of damaged reinforced concrete beams by external fiber glass plates. Suleiman, Oloriegbe Yahaya Theoretical potential scans and vibrational spectra of two rotors halomethyl isocyanates. Naqvi, Mohammad Salman Mahmoud Modeling of hydrodynamics and mass transfer in cocurrent packed columns.

Sharaf, Amin Hussain Investigation into the modulus of elasticity of thesiss.

kfupm thesis template

Al-Thagfi, Jameel Catalytic carbonylation of terminal alkyne with amine: Al-Muhaidib, Saud Mohammed A study of graph coloring heuristics and its application to a time tabling problem in a registration and scheduling system. Ijaz, Waseem A study of protein partinioning in two phase aqueous solutions of random and multi-block capolymers.

temolate Abdulqader, Mohammed Rafiq Mohammed Modeling and control of stand-alone and parallel operating diesel generators. Al-Awami, Luwai Hussain Model-based controller design for a continuous pulping reactor. Zafar, Salman Influence of temperature and wind on moisture transport in cementitious materials.

Rafiq, Mohammad Rahil Routing prediction for probabilistic mobility model using neural networks for ad-hoc networks. Fairag, Faisal Abdul-Karim Spectral characterization of trees.