Azher, Syed Ayub A prediction model for the residual flexural strength of corroded reinforced concrete beams. Ali, Mir Farooq Efficacy of contractor prequalification models. Al-Alawi, Jasem Role of parity violating Hamiltonian in-non-relativistic quark model for non-leptonic hyperon weak transitions. Al-Ahmadi, Hasan Evaluating policy changes using a network simulation model. Khan, Jameel Ur Rehman Design and performance evaluation of refrigeration systems using thermodynamic models.

Syed, Juned Laiq Risk and hydraulic reliability analysis of water distribution systems. Al-Nazer, Ahmed Ali Collaborative autonomous interface agent for personalized web search. Abdul Hameed, Laser induced photocatalytic conversion of methane into methanol. Abu-Azzah, Ezzat Omar abdullah. Abdullah, Medhat Kamal Analysis of horizontally curved pseudo slab type bridge deck continuous over discrete pier supports. Kolus, Ahmet Ahmet Determining optimal target values for two processes in series.

Zainaddin, Samir Ahmad A neural network approach for load flow estimation and var allocation. Khathlan, Abdul-Rahman Computation of lateral-torsional buckling loads for nonprismatic beam-columns. Mohammed, Aliyu Shazali Computational chemo-damage transport modeling of durability synergies in concrete. theeis

Abdul Majid, Mohammed Analysis of multi-layer arrow planar waveguide for evanescent field enhancement in low-index. Kareeri, Aqeel Ahmad Investigations of the flow and pinning phenomena in radial flow reactors.

Antar, Mohamed Abdelkarim Mohamed Analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer around and inside a liquid sphere.


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Amin, Ahmed Moeness M. Al-Ruwaihi, Khalid Mohammad Realization of a transceiver circuit based on a newly developed coding scheme. Masood, Khalid Some exact and approximate inverse boundary and scattering problems. Aal-e-Ali, Photoinitiated polymerization by phosphonium salts incorporating a chromophore unit.

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Naik, Mohammed Khaliq The effect of environmental conditions on the hydrostatic burst pressure and impact performance of glass fiber reinforced thermoset pipes. Aziz Synthesis, spectroscopic studies and structure of gold III chloride compounds of heterocyclic N-oxide diadducts revealing short hydrogen bond.

Ahmed, Neaz Comparative study of different methods of vibration control of rotor bearing systems. Ali, Mohammed Ashraf Investigation of nitrogen compound types in high-boiling petroleum distillates form Saudi Arabian crude oils. Al-Ahmadi, Hasan Evaluating policy changes using a network simulation model.

Sayeed, Azhar Reducing the complexity of rational cubics for designing the objects. Abdul Hameed, Laser induced photocatalytic conversion of methane into methanol. Al-Ahmari, Abdullah Said M. Templqte, Saleh Mohammad Facts-based stabilizers for power system stability enhancement. Ashraf, Farooq Routing in multicomputer netwroks: Farooq, Syed Omer Identification and control of a class of nonlinear systems.

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Bashir, Rashid Analysis and design of buried pipelines. Al-Jaziri, Abdul Karim Mohammad Experimental investigation of various physical factors affecting the stability of water-in-oil emulsions in oil production.


kfupm thesis template

Al-Ghamdi, Saleh Abdallah Development of mechanical works’ assembly cost data model for residential theis in Saudi Arabia. Saleem-ur-Rahman, Development of Raney-Ni gas diffusion electrodes for fuel-cells.

Sheikh, Mohammad Arshad Bulk separation of binary gas mixtures by pressure swing adsorption. Karimjee, Yousuali Karim A clustering-based algorithm for the rectilinear steiner tree problem.

Alam, Mansoor A generalized approach to the machining economics optimization.

Hussain, Mohammed Aiyaz Object modeling with conic splines. Ahmed, Suhail Tertiary wastewater treatment by sedimantation and sand filtration. Ahmed, Rana Ejaz Multiple access schemes for data communications.

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Abdulla, Abdul Hai Mohammed Reliability of modular fault-tolerant hypercube networks. Al-Ahmadi, Saad Muhammed Channel modeling and perforamce jfupm of directive wideband Nakagami fading channels. Kandlawala, Muhammad Fareed Investigation of dynamic behavior of power system installed with statcom.

Essa, Mohammad Hussein Experimental investigation of microbial growth in subsurface environment.