Ali, Mir Farooq Efficacy of contractor prequalification models. Mitha, Sohail Anjum Abdussattar An experimental model study to investigate the effect of scale on dispersion characteristics in chlorine contact. Fattah, Uthman Abdullatif Design of solarimeter. Al-Khaldi, Fahad AbdulAziz Evaluation of a patented combined water desalination and power generating plant. Ubaid, Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim Generalized balanced and approximately balanced representations. Al-Rumaih, Saleh Ibrahim New algorithms for the identification of a class of hammerstein-wiener nonlinear systems.

Abolnour, Mohammad Mahmoud The relationship of fee structure in engineering offices and design deficiency. Ali, Mohammad Golam Criteria for cathodic protection of steel in concrete in the context of Arabian Gulf environment. Elleithy, Wael Mohamed Ali Bond and durability of fusion-bonded epoxy-coated steel bars. Samiuddin, Mohammed Communication over fading channels with frequency offsets. Hanif, Mohammad Performance of pozzolan cement concrete in a high chloride-sulphate environment. Khathlan, Abdul-Rahman Computation of lateral-torsional buckling loads for nonprismatic beam-columns. Al-Amoudi, Omar Saeed Baghabra Studies on the evaluation of permeability and corrosion resisting characteristics of Portland pozzolan concrete.

Saleem, Muhammad Microbial evaluation of Al-Khobar wastewater treatment plants. Ather, Nadeem Null steering and pattern control in smart antenna arrays. Al-Faraj, Shaker Ali Ahmed. Mohammed, Yassir Obeid Quality of service routing. A Web Service Approach. Osagie, Ekhator Emmanuel Modeling of adsorption-reaction phenomena on activated carbon. Samiuddin, Mohammed Communication over fading channels with frequency offsets.


Siddiqui, Khurshid Alam Impact of building rezoning and change of use on energy consumption and occupants thermal comfort. Farooq Self tuning control of nonlinear systems: Gomaa, Said Taha Khalil Finite element modelling for the bending of thick theeis.

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Khan, Shamsul Hoda Second-law-based thermodynamic analysis of vapor-compression refrigeration cycles. Tahir, Muhammad Atif QoS-driven multicast routing algorithms.

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Okasha, Taha Moustafa Hamed An experimental study of oil recovery from tarmat reservoirs using hot water and solvent flooding. Ali, Shahid Scheduling and allocation in high-level synthesis using genetic algorithm. Iqbal, Khan Khalid Use of latex modified concrete as a bridge deck overlay. Ahmed, Thrsis Comparative study of different methods of vibration control of rotor bearing systems. Khan, Mehmood Optimal repeat inspection plan with several classifications.

Sammour, Yousif Kcupm A Photoelstic investigation of stress distribution in laterally loaded thin plates simulating window glass panels. Kabir, Muhammad Ehsanul Numerical investigation of erosion of a pipe protruded in a sudden contraction.

Abdulghani, Amin Arshad A parallel list scheduling algorithm: Mimoune, Kissami The Effect of multiple fractures on the performance of gas wells. Zafar, Salman Influence of temperature and wind on moisture transport in cementitious materials. Al-Hamas Analysis of turbulent transport properties in the near field of an isothermal free jet. Mahamud, Mohamed Muse Durability and thermal incompatibility of concrete constituents made from local materials in the Arabian Gulf Countries.


Qhusro, Ahmed Abdul Mujeeb Invariant object recognition. Johar, Umar Mohammed All optical reflectivity modulation utilizing surface plasmon resonance. Azam, Sahhid Majeed Experimental investigation of biofilter parameters. Al-Kaabi, Umar Dujain Ubaid Electron twmplate from hydrogenic systems by positrons and positive muons.

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Bagampadde, Umaru Optimization of steel slag aggregates for bituminous mixes in Saudi Arabia. Hussain, ahmed Research statement.

kfupm thesis template

Ahmed, Syed Manzoor Heat convection from a horizontal cylinder in a quiescent fluid. Abdul-Muhsen, Al-ithan thamer Charge dependent effects on nuclear forces. Naqvi, Mohammad Salman Mahmoud Modeling of hydrodynamics and mass transfer in cocurrent packed columns.

Hamed, Gehad Mohammed An expert system thesiz concrete diagnosis. Construction, Properties and Uses. Al-Abdullatif, Umar Saleh Assessment of the onset condition of upward streamers from energized Franklin rods.