However, recently my computer crashed and was garbage. After several years with Justcloud it deleted itself from my computer, yeas really did. I was a JustCloud user for 3 years and renewed for another 3 years. If my personal files are missing, where did they go? Hello I hope that you will publish this. I guess by backing up Excel files I am a business. They have lost all of my files just when I needed them.

I had just cloud for a year and when trying to cancel my subscription, I went through a very tough time. All the data about GB from my previous laptop was no longer in my account. No answer from Just Cloud 2 Although I could see the names, file sizes and thumbnails of the files I could not restore on the Just Cloud server, they were gone. Finally they claim they have canceled my account which they should have done when I told the rep it did not meed my needs and made a small refund far short of the payments. JustCloud is a great way to back up data on a computer.

Two years paln I was offered a low unadvertised rate to stay with them after I was experiencing problems when they update their software. I have unticked the automatic renewal box but still they send me emails telling me it will automatically renew unless I cancel. Then a month, ago, the company disabled my online back up claiming that my subscription has expired, without any prior notification for reenrollment.

JustCloud Review JustCloud offers a disappointing experience that could possible turn disastrous. This company is nothing but a bunch of crooks.

In the past justcloux months they have updated servers or something, and lost a lot of data. No answer from Just Cloud. When I downloaded it again, I got an email from them saying that I had unauthorized uploads that were not paid for in my subscription.


Many back up programs that I have come across in the past have kept me from saving multiple file types, therefore forcing me to convert them or not save them at all.

I was comfortable that I would be pplan to recover my files. Tried this service…it sucks, they lie about unlimited data. JustCloud is not reliable. I went home found it, and looked around on their website.

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JustCloud have lost just about all of GB of my backed up data, in the form offiles and 17, folders. The only useful side to the experience was to realize how a slick looking website, with smooth graphics, etc, could be a platform for people who are clearly only into ripping people off.

Technical support is available only via email and live chat. Buiness that I have to move it to a folder juustcloud my computer flagged for back up with JustCloud then wait for it to upload to my back up folder in JustCloud server.

I never have lost anything by accident after using JustCloud for my backup. The net is a dangerous place.

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Just as a follow-up. Justcloud has lost material which is essential for me to run my business and which is going to cost me a great deal of money if they cannot be restored.

Your program needs to look at my data as not belonging to a specific computer, just a specific folder name. I have just been told that I reached my limit at 1TB despite signing up for an unlimited deal.


Sounds like others are bjsiness the same boat, so I thought some concerted pressure applied at the top could get this company to change.

justcloud business plan

Compare with other alternatives: Even large plans with a long-term commitment are more expensive than the first tier of storage from providers such as Google Drive for more info on that, read our Google Drive review. The fact that this service is getting somewhat decent reviews is shocking. Even the most basic of features that you would expect from a cloud storage service — like automatic syncing of video files in folders or the uploading of files larger than 1GB — are extras that need to be purchased at a high annual cost.

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Horrible company of straight up thieves. The person I spoke to stated that he was not authorized to issue a refun and would not give me any contact within JustCloud that had the authority.

I finally put them on as spam. They really annoy me with constant popups that ask me to upgrade to X and Y. At that time I discovered it is not possible to recover. This is unlike more reputable storage solutions which automatically sync every time you save. Please buziness not subscribe with just cloud, try to find other provider.