Conceptual clarity and rigorous practice in class has helped to prepare well. Again, its personal experience A few questions are picked from the RTPs. Maths, LR and statistics. Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning 60 Marks.

Law was alien to me. Although we have listed but a few of the many benefits, we suggest you register yourself at CAprep18 for easy access to all the benefits of attending J. Right from the very first day I learnt my concepts well, our Teachers helped strengthening all our basics in the best ways. And 25 marks for that is actually too much because it’s so simple. Practice AJ NeXt, equipped me with these two things. Instead of results, I firstly checked merit list.

Try to avoid this type of situation in exam by joining few test series before exam.

In U 14 we have. Focusing on the revised and required parts in the new scheme will help students score well in the exam. At least, be in regular touch with these subjects: Risk Management Paper 7: The concepts are easy to understand.

jk shah ipcc homework solutions

How well do you score on the GRE? Audit was finished in 4 days.


Jk Shah Ipcc Homework Solutions

The subjects which are taught at this level are the base for the Chartered Accountancy as a whole, and the learning is taken to a higher level once the student reaches Final CA.

Other than that everything else is pretty much theoretical. Nail your next technical interview from your dream company. Professional Ethics comes for 16 marks. Race is not over until you win it.

Jk Shah Ipcc Homework Solutions

You see your friends in other streams moving forward in life and you stay where you are previously if you don’t clear the attempts. This is overall CA student journey. Is it good to start doing a CA after graduating B. Operations Research covers about 30 marks and it’s easy and doesn’t take much time to do.

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Latest updated and announcement are hlmework available via email or http: Unique methodology for solving data structure, algorithm, system design, and behavioral questions. Patience and regular touch with studies. The claim to be one of the best classes for Chartered Accountancy coaching is purely backed by the excellent results and a strong faculty line up. For accounts, I took up study material and solved each problem religiously.


jk shah ipcc homework solutions

If you think you are great with numbers and possess a sharp memory, then become a Chartered Accountant CAone of the leading professions in India. Algorithm A takes n2 days to solve a problem of size n. Group I Paper 1: Try remembering the name of the case law. Do you suggest not joining there? Ellermeyer April 16, The subject is voluminous. I remember a Chinese proverb closely related to this question: Solve the questions in the Study Material if possible.

Time bound coaching programme along with rigorous practice has helped me to prepare well.

jk shah ipcc homework solutions

For section numbers, I made a cheatcode. Presentation is the key.

After one read of the book, i started learning my notes. Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning 60 Marks.