Phien Sayon and participate in several forest and ecosystem protection acitivies in Cambodia applying his UAV aerial image collection capacity and exchange knowledge about using UAS for nature protection and conservation topics in South-East Asia. These skills combined with the scientific knowledge on forest ecosystems, which I was able to gain through the IFEM course made it possible for me to work at an environmental forest NGO. Folgen Sie uns auf: Remember me on this computer. In times of resource scarcity, a bio-economy based on renewable resources like forest products is one to increasing consumption of materials and energy. The purpose of this paper is to With the help of geographic information systems I create forest maps and manage databases.

During our study we were prepared to do our expected jobs independently and with a high scientific and practical standard. Some examples of my work are a campaign to save the virgin forests of Bialowieza in Poland, working with our partner organization in Sweden for the protection of the remaining boreal old-growth forests and another campaign against paper wastage through single-use cups. Besides the technical contents the international aspect of the programme was important to me. I have acquired practical knowledge and skills in IT education and more especially its application in solving environmental problems. In Paraguay I worked on a project that taught small farmers better forestry and agricultural techniques.

hnee bachelor thesis

My job is to model and simulate land use changes in tropical bacehlor using spatial dynamic models to estimate future carbon emissions as consequence of land use change, degradation and deforestation. Folgen Sie uns auf: Folgen Sie uns auf: Mund envisions to develop an urban green index based on remote sensing products.


This proves how effective the FIT Master programme is. Today I am working at a federal forest institute designing the geodatainfrastructure for several environmental monitoring programmes here in Germany. I am now very well equipped with all the necessary technical knowledge that I will need for my PhD research work in the areas of Landscape Ecology.

In the last four semesters of her stud-ies, she learnt many different technologies, which bachekor a different perspective on forests by using remote sensing.

Faculty of Forest and Environment

To combine natural sciences as forestry or ecology with modern IT has enormous potential. On SeptemberProf.

Forschung und Transfer Forschungsschwerpunkte Forschungsprojekte Transferzentrum. Currently I am working for the European Agency for Reconstruction as deputy project leader in a project for sustainable forest management in Kosovo”.

Careers and Opinions

Once I bacelor my profiles in job searching websites like Xing and LinkedIn, I was surprised and extremely happy that many multinational companies contacted me with job offers. This is due to the interdisciplinary nature of the course modules theiss the programme. The present bachelor thesis analyses an actual problem — tax havens and tax competition.

Afterwards she got the opportunity to participate at an internship programme in Albania, lead by the GOPA project office. The aim is to examine tree-to-tree-interaction and its impact on the ecosystem forest.

Hochschule Eberswalde | Faculty of Forest and Environment –

When I finished high school I wanted to see other places and gain international experience. At that time, this combination was only offered by the HNE Eberswalde with its innovative study programme International Forest Ecosystem Management – in short: Outside in the forest I use the maps and prepared data for inventory surveys.

To my mind FIT is an excellent study choice for those, who would like to use modern information technologies for solving environmental problems. Hereby she investigated with other HNEE students rural development and the existence of potential old growth beech forests.


In addition to the natural science, ecological and forestry subjects, important key qualifications such as teamwork, communication, foreign languages and the use of digital media are taught. Sinceshe has also been working as a lecturer for a module in her former Master’s programme at Humboldt University in the summer semester. Graduation at the HNE: The comprehensive and diverse curriculum is well structured and organized. First, I wanted to learn about tools that practically help in forest and environmental management.

Remember me on this computer.

hnee bachelor thesis

I must say that, within the past bachelot years my knowledge in the applications of Geomatics and IT in forest and environmental management has skyrocketed from a novice to an expert. As part of her master’s degree, she was on her way to Colombia’s forests for her final thesis.

I recommend the program htesis students interested in applying GIS and remote sensing for answering environmental questions. Sharing these approaches indicated different traditions and multi-actors perspectives in the four countries. Ads help cover our server costs. Being able to build on this was an advantage that I owe to the program.

hnee bachelor thesis

Second, I searched for a field where I could use and consolidate my logical reasoning.