Also, if you wish to meet with the Associate Dean, you do not need to do so by the deadline on the GSAS Academic Calendar , as long as your paperwork is completed by then. Research Support Grants The GSAS Summer Research Fellowship provides support to students who wish to devote the summer to work on articles for publication, conference papers, and proposals to apply for prestigious fellowships. Students expecting a fall defense date should aim to submit a draft of the dissertation before the start of the fall semester, to allow time for revisions. Is it well organized and clear? Courses on the graduate level begin before completing the B. These papers are not always presented to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, though the approval forms for these projects are presented to the school as part of the last requirement for the degree.

Time limit requirements apply to both full and part time students. Acting closely with department and university administrators, the FPS provides a voice to its graduate students, whereby concerns, problems, and suggestions may be brought to the appropriate forum for discussion. This requirement must be completed by the end of the relevant semester. The list should be ordered toward the area rather than some problem or topic within an area of philosophy. Any doctoral or masters student may apply. Does it make a significant contribution to current philosophical scholarship? While the “defense” may not take a full two hours, it should not go longer than two hours.

Again, no appointment is required. Failing to complete the dissertation in the fellowship year will compromise future awards for their department. Dissertatoin, through the establishment of reading groups, symposia series, conferences, etc. Dissertation What Students Can Expect Shortly after completing the dissertation area reading list oral examination, students need to select both a topic and a mentor director for their dissertation.

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Students wishing to have the review of a qualifying paper completed by the end of a fall semester must submit the paper by October 15 and students wishing to have the review of a qualifying paper completed by the end of a spring semester must submit the paper by March The application will be reviewed by the department’s Admissions Committee, which will make a recommendation to the Chair for or against admission to the MA program, and the department’s recommendation will be forwarded to the Graduate School for final action.


Alumni Dissertation Fellowships allow students to devote full-time work to frodham dissertations.

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Students should schedule a reading list exam in consultation with the mentor disseertation committee members, who should make an effort to be flexible in their scheduling. There is no penalty for failing, and students may take the exam as often as necessary.

Students admitted to the early admission program must take the GRE if and when they apply for the doctoral program.

A student may apply for this award only after the department has accepted the proposal and the Dean has approved the dissertation title and disserfation committee. In addition, the proposal should include a bibliography of appropriate primary and secondary sources this need not be formal, and can include simply authors and titles.

Certain special conditions apply to these applicants: Acting closely with gsad and university administrators, the FPS provides a voice to its graduate students, whereby concerns, problems, and suggestions may be brought to the appropriate forum for discussion. The summary should be in the hands of the examiners at least two weeks prior to the defense. Remember that your application will be reviewed by faculty members outside your department, who will not know the stages of and time requirements for a dissertation in your field Curriculum Vitae Dissertation Proposal A letter of recommendation from your mentor is also required.

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In addition, one additional faculty member examiner should forxham identified for the Proposal Defense Committee, but the examiner is not committed to reading the dissertation in its entirety. The institutions that participate in the graduate school consortium include:.

Does it develop a clear philosophical approach or method in discussing the problem or issue at hand? However, you are invited and encouraged to submit your paperwork during designated time blocks, when the Associate Dean will be available to answer any questions, chat with you, and congratulate you!


The complete dissertation should be in the hands of the mentor and two readers at least four weeks prior to the defense. The reading list is then approved by the committee and the department chair or the Director of Graduate Studies. The defense is scheduled fordahm two hours, during which all five members of the committee will question the author in turn.

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This may take the form of one historical period and two contemporary approaches, or two historical periods and one contemporary approach. The department chairperson or program director is responsible for ensuring that the committee is professionally appropriate.

fordham gsas dissertation

The written proposal should be in the hands of each member of the committee at least two weeks prior to the scheduled “defense. Its aim is not only to facilitate progress through the diasertation programs leading to the conferment of M. Mentors should supervise the student’s progress throughout the development of the reading list; other committee members should be willing to consult and offer feedback as needed in developing the list.

Time limit requirements dissertafion to both full and part time students.

The department is home to three significant philosophical societies: See below for more details about the dissertation proposal and dissertation. If a faculty member must withdraw from the committee due to unforeseeable circumstances, he or she will give notice to the graduate student as early as possible and consult with the Director of Graduate Studies or Department Chair.

Margaret Donovan, Administrative Assistant Phone: The recommended textbook for preparation is: If one reader assigns a grade of High Pass and the other assigns a grade lower than High Passa third reader will be assigned, and the student must receive a grade of High Pass from gsass third reader.

It is expected that faculty members who agree to participate on a reading list committee will be involved for the duration of the project.