From a recent article on Dawn. Actions Email Print Share Tweet. Facebook offers a huge canvas on which they can publish whatever provocative posting they wish. People under 18 use Facebook to contact friends out of school and organised out of school activities. Not to mention, many children ignore and stalk each other. By blocking everything to either friends or family, and blocking anything else unknown!

This should not be a problem. They may give personal details which can be dangerous for them and their families. Report this Argument Pro I know about children under the age of Looks like people have chosen the one thing that could not become a painful physical problem for them. From a recent article on Dawn.

Sixteen to eighteen year old’s should have some leeway. No proof of age is required and Facebook doesn’t seem fussed at enforcing its own rules. Leonie also runs courses for parents about social networking and gaming cyber flr.

So the rule can really only be considered a guideline. There are kids under the age of 10 that design apps.

facebook should be banned for under 18s essay

Children already view 40, ads a year. Social media can introduce people to new experiences such as the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus. I use it to catch up with primary school friends and I also use it to organise stuff with people as I never have credit. Children under the age of 18 already have plenty of technology skills and don’t need anymore.

Social Media Should Be Banned For Children Under The Age Of 18

It’s not all bullying and nastiness! They can’t tell them what is right.


facebook should be banned for under 18s essay

Because Facebook is so widely available, its members should be screened by age, at the very least. By blocking everything to either friends or family, and blocking fadebook else unknown! A lot of kids make Facebook to play games or to chat with friends but also many others use Facebook to cyber bull, to attract people to hurt people.

Do you like this debate? Why do teens that see each other on a daily basis still find the need to communicate on a computer??? Also I could not really b cons round two. During the discussion, an options paper was considered and discussed about whether the user age limit for Facebook in Australia should be raised from 13 to 18, while also requiring proof of age to sign up.

The good thing about Facebook is that everything she might post would be visible to dozens of family and if inappropriate would be removed!

Should children under the age of 18 be allowed to use Facebook? |

Monitored at first until you finally let them go facsbook themselves. Also there are about 4 billion people in the world that use Face book. It does not have to be either. Also, not being on it can mean that your child feels excluded from conversations in the school yard. I feel a far better, longer term approach would be for parents and children to be overall better educated about Facebook: Old to New Likes: I’m 17 and I have a Fb and it’s for connection.

Should kids under 13 or 18 years of age be allowed on Facebook?

Or maybe it’s because their own children are keeping quiet even when harassed for fear of being banned and ostracised by their peers. Should children be allowed to use the family name? But, parents should have some say in what the children do on Facebook. It was started for college students first and foremost we all know why. Con Social media shouldn’t be banned for children under the age of 18 because social media can give children tips about ways to live and tutorials on how to do certain things.


Plus she knows I would check any private messages and she is fine with that. Suould more troubling, more than five million Facebook users were 10 years old or younger, and they were allowed to use Facebook largely without parental supervision leaving them vulnerable to threats ranging from malware to sexual predators, the State of the Net survey by Consumer Reports found.

facebook should be banned for under 18s essay

Moreover, many children became addicted from social network sites and they may neglect their school studies. Report this Argument Pro First of all, that has barely anything to do with hanned question.

Do you know how to tick all the privacy settings needed for a high level of privacy on Facebook?