They discussed creating a single European Airspace this would save money and would react better to future crisis. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This means that many of the countries have great capacity to cope in terms of making predictions and preparing alternatives for companies and people stuck by the restrictions on air travel. Matthew Woodburn Created on: Responses to the event. Download additional resources To make the most of this video we have also created some additional teaching resources to use in the classroom — click on the resources below to view and download. The ash contaminated local water supplies and farmers near the volcano were warned not to let their livestock drink from contaminated streams and water sources, as high concentrations of fluoride from the ash mixed with river water can have deadly effects, particularly in sheep.

This volcano erupts more often and is known to be more violent. This also has a huge impact on public institutions such as schools and businesses, particularly those who rely on air freight or those whose workers were stranded overseas. Watch the full video. Secondary The second eruption caused melt of the glacier. Better equipment to measure ash levels. Report Mon 17th April,

eyjafjallajokull case study gcse

Icelanders are aware of their countries environmental hazards and understand what to do with the assistance and compensation available to them. There can be long term healt issues if the ash gets in your stud or lungs so face masks had to be worn to protect these.

Join the conversation on Geography Teacher Zone Our panel of experts take topical geography and science topics and help you link them to your classroom The Geography Teacher Zone is part of our strategic partnership with the GA. We use cookies to provide the best experience on this website. Many kinds of measurements are carried out by the IMO and other agencies that provide valuable information used to warn of impending danger, for example potential eruptions and floods.


They discussed creating a single European Airspace this would save cgse and would react better to future crisis. Sign up to Comment. Travelers stuck by the ash cloud were entitled to legal compensation from their airlines and their airlines were also legally responsible for the well-being of stranded passengers.

The nature of the volcanic hazard — type, frequency, magnitude. The plates are moving apart at a rate of 1cm to 5 cm per year. Secondary The second eruption caused eyjafjallajokukl of the glacier. You are commenting using your Facebook account. This led to eyjafjllajokull wind circulation, it blew clockwise spreading ehjafjallajokull volcanic ash close to the South and East of Iceland at heights of up to 7,m.

Eyjafjallajokull case study – Revision Cards in GCSE Geography

Scientists were very concerned at the time of the eruption that this eruption could be a precursor or warning sign of a much larger eruption of the historically more active and dangerous Katla. The European Commission permitted state aid to airlines affected however eyjafjal,ajokull compensation was not available.

eyjafjallajokull case study gcse

Effects Primary Lava flow onto area immidiately surrounding the first fissure eruption. The main risks were to soils stusy water courses. Download additional resources To make the most of this video we have also created some additional teaching resources to use in the classroom — click on the resources below to view and download.

This also has a knock on effect on International flights globally as they could not land or take off from Europe. THe ash covered the surrounding farmland forcing eyjafjallzjokull farmers to move their livestock. Although the 1,m-high volcano has erupted during historical time, it has been less active than other volcanoes of Iceland’s eastern volcanic zone, and relatively few Holocene lava flows are known.


eyjafjallajokull case study gcse

Over 1 million flower stalks were unsold in the first two days and over 50, farmers were temporarily unemployed as their beans and peas could not be sold. The vent for the volcano is 1. The map shows the extent of the ash cloud, note it interrupts not just European flights but also Trans Atlantic fights.

Report Mon 17th April, The name is a dtudy of the characteristics of the volcano, namely Eyja meaning island; fjalla meaning mountain; and cawe meaning glacier. Britain had fine anticyclonic weather for a lot of the time that the Ash cloud existed. In addition, the EU has other transport mechanisms such as extensive road and motorway networks, rail networks including the Channel tunnel and boat networks which were particularly important for the transportation of food goods etc.

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It is the most southerly volcano on mainland Iceland before Surtsey in the sea to the south west. These particles clog up the engines of aircraft that attempt to fly through them, and this is the reason for aviation disruption. Responses to the event. Geography GCSE – the unstable earth. Finally, many companies had contingency plans in place for an emergency such as this, so could cope better, Tesco circumvented the ash cloud by flying Kenyan produce into Spain and then using eyjafjallajojull haulage for example.


It is a relatively small volcano, and is located W of Katla volcano. Immediate responses Flights grounded and within 4 days nearly all of Europes major airports were closed.