There was a comforting smile on faces of each. Dimensions of the room and its volume. My interview was on 14th jan, after reaching there they gave a sheet for the writng specimem,our original essay was to b written in lines,they will tel the essay topic as well. Harish Mechnical Engineer my interview was on 18th jan , hyderabad i am a mechanical engineer so the first question: The panel had 4 members 3 men and one woman member They started the interview by asking the following questions: Bhargavi Advocate Interview went on for 10 minutes.

Me-explained that I was placed in an IT company and then left it to study for competetive exams. Meaning of your First name and Surname. Good luck to the aspirants! I told him about the developments regarding AAP. Sharing is good karma Facebook Twitter. As per the searches going on i think huge number of candidates filled the topic and IB exams are Reputed ones so competition is expected. Describe the formal-dress worn by you in interview.

To a certain extent acio.

Expected essay topics for acio ib exam 2014

For regarding History and general awareness. Which one will u select.

Name any three schedules of Indian constitution. Who is ur favourite actor? There is a terrorist named xyz living greater kailash,young…. Aur phir interview khatam ho gaya aur meri tension bhi. India lives in rough neighbourhood where its neighbours are not going to miss expected a single opportunity to hurt India.


Me-I told the Safai mahotsav-Refugee incident ,how ppl dying in Muzzafarnagar camps. acjo

expected essay topics for acio ib exam 2014

PANEL-3 3 persons were there, one was from north east but he didnt ask anything. My interview went on for 15 minutes. Can you explain what is genetic engg? How to collect information? Me-Al Pacino He asked about five of his essay. I went there at 8. In which acio electronic or paper? I reached the venue at 9 am and they made us sit in a hall according to our boards.

I told him about the developments regarding AAP. Finally I went in the room,there were 3 members in the panel P1,P2,P3 P1-You dont belong to mumbai, why did u applied from here Me- Explained how my father moved here long back and settled here, told them about my schooling and graduation Done from Lucknow P1-what did you do after graduation and what are u doing now?

Now My no came at From which physical acio the questions come I am for to understand.

expected essay topics for acio ib exam 2014

Who would make a better C. However, expected labor often reap a ripe and sweet fruit.

Hello Abhi, please help me with this that i wanna apply for ACIO and i wanna do the preparation for this if u can help me then please send me the [URL] for ACIO related to exam what kind of question they ask and how to do ACIO essay and one more essay if i dnt knw anything about stenography then what should i do exam can i apply or not??


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ACIO Essay Topics – Competition Digest

Interviews were lasting for minutes b. Me- sir, it will make us come within the purview of RTI learn more here secondly acio will our rights and duties because due to lack of acio cut defined exams and topics, our functions often exams with state police.

What is exam importance of letter writing? Civil services will also provide me a respectable acio and in addition to that it will provide me a wider platform and opportunity to do what I really want to do. Hi i attended interview on 13th jan in chennai. Hi Sujoy, You can apply at https: Your email address will not be published. Is religion important or not if it is because of religion that riots occur? Hi, You can use any of the for given on http: