In post-independent India strong public opinion against corrupt practices has not developed. In any country, political power is the best means to attain social and economic change. In pursuance to the above observation, in , Inderjit Gupta Committee was formed. The quota system is fully responsible. There are various constituencies and whoever gets the highest votes in that particular constituency wins the seat and becomes MP or MLA.

Word Processing – Features and Advantages. It has been found that a minister of a particular caste or religion will distribute favour to the members of his own caste and religion. The quota system is fully responsible. These attractions have led the unscrupulous elements to enter politics. In bureaucracy there are certain fixed procedures and rules in the promotion.

Particularly for the purpose the necessity of regulatory commission has been felt. Most of the time the houses are adjourned on trifles and personal matters. Both came to an understanding to help each other and this led to the criminalisation of politics. In order to locate the faults and the responsibility of persons or authority the necessity of setting up of regulatory commission was felt.

The committee made an observation that various crime syndicates and mafia organisations have developed significant money and muscle power. Genuine and good candidates do not contest the elections. The commitment to serve the people, which is the foundation stone of democracy is declining. Also the money spent is ill-gotten wealth which the candidate is spending with profligacy. Less qualified and inefficient civil servants get promotion.

Naturally it is expected that the government must have enough control over the activities of private enterprises. Join us at Facebook.


essay on criminalisation of politics in india

Our educational patterns are not able to instill correct moral values which lead to drop out becoming criminals and entering legislatures. Criminalization of Politics means that the criminals entering the politics and contesting elections and even getting elected to the Parliament and indka legislature.

As a result the whole social atmosphere is vitiated.

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The bench also referred to Section 62 5 of the Act. Nexus between politics and crime. Ethical aspect is that, the candidate contesting election tries to sway vote by money power rather it should be merit politiics and not based on material things. The legal aspect of breaching the expenditure limit is that the candidate is eesay adhering to the prescribed limit set by the Election Commission. Every political party gives tickets to criminals and that is why we have reached such a political mess.

The following figures show the miserable condition of criminalisation of politics in India.

essay on criminalisation of politics in india

The apex court also took notice of the fact that crimes in politic have risen from to between and The Independent Regulatory Commission is an important weapon at the hands of the administration to control the economic and other activities of the various service crininalisation. The administration is either neutral during these incidents or takes sides. Moreover, the self-interest-seeking persons may exploit the situation.

Indian bureaucracy is also highly corrupted. Suggested measure to curb criminalization of politics: The violence is not only limited during polls or before polling but can be witnessed within the houses of state assemblies in recent years. The misuse or abuse of political power greatly pained Greek philosopher Plato BC Kautilya, a very deft political and economic philosopher has said in his seminal book Arthashashtra, “Just as it is impossible not to taste honey or poison that is at the tip of the tongue, so also it is impossible for a minister or a government servant not to eat up at least a bit of government revenue”.


For that purpose the setting up of regulatory commission was felt.

Essay – Criminalisation of Politics

For academic purposes a definition is to be given here. Such candidates, when elected, seek to recover their expenses besides securing a corpus for the future election as quickly as possible, especially in the era of coalition governments with tenuous stability. The use of politics or political power is not something new. The way the government is now run means that the disciplinary hierarchy of the civil services has completely broken down.

Expensive election campaigning favours candidates with strong financial background. D emocracy is said to be, for the people, by the people and of the people.

Ordinary people also give bribe to the officers to get quick service.