There is a list of last 25 years essay topics available on Mrunal website. The utility of the exercise is that since the ethics paper is one of the lengthiest paper in mains, it helps you to produce rich content without taking much time. IAS is one of the most lucrative career in India and coaching has played role in success of candidates, some agree with role of coaching and some not, but still we are here talking about top coaching institutes in Delhi. Candidates will be required to write an essay on a specific topic. Has anyone taken their essay course before?

Have you tried this Amazon trick? Our endeavour in holding Answer Writing Practices for our students is to teach and practice the techniques of answer writing required specifically for the civil services exam. Answered May 17, You dismissed this ad. How does a day go at Vajiram and Ravi?

Essay Classes are going to start from 2nd feb at vajiram. To prepare the reading materials for the correspondence courses, the Institute has an exclusive centre for Correspondence Education which employs all the latest techniques of distance education to cater fully to the needs of the clsses.

In General Studies, 10 teachers are guiding the candidates. Have you tried this Amazon trick?

Mains – Shivani Goyal

Minimum all expenses inc. So please decide any one-two sources for static material such as thinkers and complement it with what you feel about that topic as explained in point 1.

This time I added one diagram in both the essays. Velayutham who had to his credit numerous academic distinctions from India and abroad, including a diploma on International Law, awarded by the International Court of Justice, The Hague. Yojana magazine is a treasure trove of good content.


More focus needs to be put on chapters relating to art and culture such as temples, literature, etc. This helps you save time in Section- A which can be put to use in Section B- case studies. July Fee Structure Admission – G. Please refer to this link http: I have been a regular follower of these shows from the very beginning and got immense benefit from them.

Formal Essay Structure, writing outline of essay. Just click the link to search. Coachings — The Good and The Bad. Classses year some of our students have secured positions amongst the first ten successful candidates. Therefore prepare one or two diagrams for each topic beforehand. Definitely, finishing the paper in the time limit is difficult initially but with regular practice one is able to reduce the time to attempt a question.

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Rk Part 1 of 5. You need to be more elaborative on the total expenses part, as in what all courses do you include.

essay classes vajiram

Please do not forget that the examiner is gauging your personality and not your knowledge through your answers. For me personally, minimum revisions are required essa write answers effectively.

Consolidate notes- Just think that you would only have few hours maximum to revise your entire art and culture notes before GS paper 1 exam date.


Therefore this time, I spent most of the time in my last month before mains on revision and consolidation of notes. It’s a dynamic question which means the answer would vary from year to year.

Many questions in the exam will be new and will require quick thinking, analyzing from different dimensions and moving on to putting quality content on paper dssay less than eight minutes. Therefore again, consolidation is the key! Hence do give adequate time to these papers. Their fees are usually very high depending upon the reputation they have in the ‘market’.

They won’t give you a single paisa discount.

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Candidates will be required to write an essay on a specific topic. After optional in Mains, it is the essay paper which can cause huge variation in the total score of the aspirants.

essay classes vajiram

Answered Jun 23, Mains- Vision mains For example in paper, in the case study question relating to RTI, I made a table showing on one side — the general complaints of RTI and on another side showed that how strengthening the act in place of adding more safeguards will be more fruitful.