Students may be caught up with stress when examinations are around the corner. We had our chit chat about our future football math. Your eldest brother has finished his degree programme and you were there at his convocation day. Avoid eating too much sugar too. Faizal would like to donate his blood too. Pets need love, care and attention.

They lay their eggs in any water containers such as bottles, cans and basins that are left unattended for a few days. View presentation slides online activities and commentary, the introduction and you have a fun way to learn english model essay format, intermediate. I suspected that it was a burglar and quickly pulled my sister to hide. For some unknown reason, we felt like we were at the right place at the opportune time. We switched off the television and hid in a cupboard.

You saved drowning child. And for me, I wish to study hard so that I can be like my brother one day. There were 86 students in total and 4 teachers in charge to look after us.

There are some tips that students can practise to beat their stress. We found many rare species the we never met before. What is an articles? Articles give information about a certain topic. After meeting for past events the children and the caregivers who ran the centre, we set to work painting the walls and beautifying them.


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Write tp3 recount about the incident and describe what happened. Study the question, notes and pictures given carefully. Make sure you know exactly what you have to write. In order to be healthy we need good food. Use all the points given in the question.

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Diabetes, muscle cramps, birth defects and blackouts are some effects of alcohol. Using the pictures and notes below, write an article for your school magazine about how to have a healthy lifestyle.

Faizal – generous boy – however – cannot accept advice.

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Then, I bid them goodbye and left for the mall. We really had our fun.

This majestic modern exsay comprises two towering blocks that hold offices, restaurants and other entertainment outlets. Recycling has a lot of benefits to our environment.

english essay topics pt3

We have to eat clean food and balanced meals. Read the question and notes carefully. Raw food such as fish, other seafood and meat should be well-cooked to kill the topixs.


He kept eating chocolates, candies, carbonated drinks eessay ice cream. Fauziah is an old widow that lives near my house.

We really had our fun. The Convocation Day started from yesterday. Without hesitation, I ran topic the sea and swam quickly towards the child. In the past, water was used to work certain machines like turbines and steam engines. One may wonder why these websites have gained so much interest.

With hearts thumping hard, we ran towards the loud sound to see what happened. Playing sports will make you forget the stress or problems that you have as you are giving a full attention to the games. There was a variety of food from fried rice and noodles to fried chicken, salad and desserts. Study the question, notes and pictures given carefully. I told my friends that I had to be home by 8. Faizal loved to eat sweet food.

We cannot live without water.