Show that the converse holds: Each new line should start with the first letter not listed above. We consider an integrated circuit IC that contains N cells or modules that are connected by K wires. That explains why we call it a data collection network. The file also contains commands to plot the lines and the point of closest convergence once you have found it. There are some slight differences when it comes to the inner product and other expressions that, in the real case, involve the transpose operator.

One question that arises is, when is the KKT matrix K nonsingular? For each of the statements above, find conditions on n, m, and p that make them true. The perceived color is a complex function of the three cone responses, i. It is also possible to consider vector spaces over other fields, for example Z2 , which consists of the two numbers 0 and 1, with Boolean addition and multiplication i. Plot the impulse responses of the channel h and the equalizer g. A digital circuit consists of a set of n logic gates, interconnected by wires.

ee263 homework 3 solutions

Suggest a name for the method you invent. It does not mean the population of species 3 is negative in time period 4.

ee263 homework solutions

Suppose that the system is in steady-state, i. More generally, the linear equations might come from various conservation laws, or balance equations mass, heat, energy, charge. Verify that the matrix R is orthogonal. You can think of an affine function as a linear soultions, plus an offset.


The increase in J can be thought of as the cost of imposing the deadlines, in terms of the size of estimator matrix. Give a brief discussion, in terms of the original problem, of the conditions under which the rank assumption fails.

ee263 homework solutions

Repeat for another set of parameters that is not reasonable, i. Information flow is conserved. Contact Us name Please enter your name.

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You may make an homeework about the rank of one or more matrices that arise. We describe the topology of the circuit by the fan-out list for each gate, which tells us which other gates the output of a gate connects to.

Plot the traffic level Ti t for each link on the same plot versus t, for each of the initial source rates.

Give the weights you find, and also a plot of the antenna array response, i. You will solve a specific instance of this problem, with data i. The goal is to find a rational transfer function that fits the measured frequency response. Lall ee homework 3 solutions.

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Thus, Zii is the number of subsets that contain i. Our goal is to do the intermediate processing in such a way that it undoes the effect soultions the first and last channels.

Plot the final Gaussian function obtained along with the data on the same plot. Specifically, we are given the following: In that case you obtained the quadratic extrapolator by interpolating the last three samples; now you are obtaining it as the least squares fit to the last ten samples.


Use the notation x k to denote the kth iteration of your method. We will use knowledge of some relationships between the quantities to smooth the measurements. You must give us the minimum value of Nand a sequence of inputs u 0.

Submit your matlab code. It is easy to show that every linear function can be expressed as matrix multiplication, i. The data are organized as vectors of length We will represent the hlmework by vectors in Rn.

ee homework 3 solutions

If the set of subsets is not informative, we say it is uninformative. Let z k denote the state at time k. These matrices are close to each other, but not exactly the same. You can select the inputs to the two vehicles, u 0u 1. Small R corresponds to smooth, or smoothly varying, U.

ee263 homework solutions

In this problem we explore a simple version. For i odd, yi depends only on xj for j even.