Assendelft, and Jan Seibert. Spatial bedrock erosion data from stream channels are important for engineering issues and landscape evolution model assessment. This affects the distances and thus the time that it takes a water molecule to reach the flowing stream and the stream outlet. Understanding responses by changes in land use and land cover LULC and climate over the past decades on streamflow in the upper Blue Nile River basin is important for water management and water resource planning. Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems.

Comparing sensitivity analysis methods to advance lumped watershed model identification and evaluation, Hydrol. Evolutionary multiobjective optimization in water resources: This paper aims to compare freshwater quality scenarios under different land uses, related to ecosystem-based adaptation in subtropical headwaters. Spatio-temporal variability of event runoff coefficients, J. Linking measurements, analyses, and models to advance the science of hydrology, Water Resour. Chloride circulation in a lowland catchment and the formulation of transport by travel time distributions, Water Resour.

In most cases, there is good agreement weertw both methods. Yau, and Robert Leconte. We test this model on a medium-sized catchment in Switzerland. This paper explores a new method of predicting streamflow using a complex model. Information content of the mean, J.

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For that, we develop and test an approach which draws upon information theory and thermodynamic reasoning. Hhbert times for water in a small till catchment from a step shift in the oxygen content of the water input, Water Resour.

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This loss in glacier area will result in a reduction in glacier discharge, while the future changes in total discharge are uncertain.


Climate of the Past.

RePub, Erasmus University Repository: Mitochondrial DNA as a Breast Cancer Biomarker

Responses of inland waters to climate change vary on global and regional scales. The effect translated to considerable consequences for the glacio-hydrological responses and streamflow components of the catchments.

Furthermore, increased soil erosion threatens the storage capacity of reservoirs. We simulate both laboratory-scale and disserhation debris-flow experiments, using only one of the two calibration parameters.

It is an encouraging step forward in tracer-aided modelling of karst catchments. During storm events, erosion and deposition in the river becomes relevant. This is applied to a semi-distributed rainfall-runoff model for the semi-arid, poorly gauged Mara River basin in Kenya. The evolution of process-based hydrologic models: Our results may be significant in justifying the calibration of watershed models and in contributing to the overall observational analysis of post-fire dissertatio response.

Mitochondrial DNA as a Breast Cancer Biomarker

For the Mississippi, no substantial improvements are found with increased resolution. Here we apply a high-resolution computer model to explore the relative importance of each factor on the North American High Plains, one of the most important agricultural regions of the USA.

Several changes were found: We found that the main contribution to the total flow variability originates from the natural climate variability. This model captured the flow and tracer dynamics within each landscape unit quite well, and we could estimate the storage, fluxes and age of water within each.

Combining bottom-up and top-down, Energy Econ. This study used a relatively new method based on climate data to estimate S r values in boreal regions, instead of using soil data.


Spatio-temporal variability of event runoff coefficients, J. This paper investigates potential impacts of climate change on mountainous karst systems. We analyse the control of hydroclimatic factors — erosive rainfall, ice melt, and snowmelt — on suspended sediment concentration SSC of Alpine catchments regulated by hydropower, and we develop a multivariate hydroclimatic—informed rating curve.

Based on a detailed analysis of the variable behavior of isotopic and chemical tracers in stream water and precipitation over a 4-week period, we developed a conceptual hypothesis for runoff generation in the studied catchment. A modular framework to diagnose differences between hydrological models, Water Resour.

For these water resources, the exploitation of the transfer is simulated using a decision support system, providing volumes that could be transferred to the Segura basin according to its operating rule. Effects of large-scale changes in land cover on the discharge of the Tocantins River, Southeastern Amazonia, J.

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This paper hugert potential impacts of climate change on mountainous karst systems. The knowledge acquired from the efforts described in Chapter 5 and 6 were applied in a cohort of retrospectively selected breast and colon cancer patients to explore the feasibility of tumour-specific mtDNA variant detection in cfDNA as a cancer biomarker Chapter 7. Journal metrics Journal metrics IF 4.

dissertation hubert weerts

Assessing the impact of climate change on water resources in Iran, Water Resour.