Great stuff Neon Another good place to get info on applying is on the Joy-Stay website. Good luck and look forward to catching up in Ipoh I will message you my email. Thank you for sharing such valuable information. I’ve attached a redacted copy of my application for others to use as a template. Please refer to the checklist to see if you are required to have it. There is a high chance that if you were to use other types of investment, the Ministry might reject the documents and ask for new supporting documents.

Please sign the form. Seemingly complicated when written as a post like this, ultimately it will probably be the first new experience in what we hope is a new adventure as Experimental Expats. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Where are you guys from? We had worked in Malaysia for three years then retired in July It must be an original documents, not printed from the internet or a photocopy.

There is a high chance that if you were to use other types of investment, the Ministry might reject the documents and ask for new supporting documents. Notify me of new posts via email. What is admirable about Drillmaster is that their designs are consistently consistent, and if you acclaim traveling for a specific design, but in a acclimatized blossom or style, Replica watches are the best for you.

Filing our MM2H Application (Finally) | Experimental Expats

My reading of this is that you do not need to include your birth certificate only for accompanying dependents under Please allow 4 working days to get the policy back to us. Thank you for sharing such valuable information. Oct 14th Jm2h of intent to terminate stay in Malaysia under this programme Passport Photocopy of Passport.


We too used Yvonne from Joy-Stay. With the LGC application in the post the next thing to think about is covdr application letter.

cover letter for mm2h

Find More Posts by JC3. Hi Indah Thanks for the good wishes. The fixed deposit amount doubles for applicants under age We are about to start our application and are gutted that MM2H.

I presume to prove they meet the dependents criteria. Posing each question to the ministry individually, she eventually got them to accept sample our brokerage statements, verification letters another nightmare for Americans and other essential documentation in an acceptable format. Again I suggest contacting an agent. Notify me of new comments via email.

Below 50 – Only Monthly Salary is acceptable. You only the medical insurance only during passport endorsement. Ask for a visa emigrant letter showing verification of accounts and be ready to return several times to the bank. The ultimate guide for independent travellers seeking inspiration, advice and adventures beyond their wildest dreams.

When making copies, please do not reduce the sizes from the original documents. A demand to see the manager eventually got me a letter stating that the attached documents were my last three statements and that it was not bank letter to certify them. Please fill in your doctor’s particulars. It can either be worldwide or at least state that it covers Malaysia.


Filing our MM2H Application (Finally)

If you have done the photocopy in colour, then it is fine, it can be used. For NRIC, please put in your passport fro i. We got our visa last year. The catch 22 is basically that we had a perfect situation; one applicant was still generating W2 income. My family and I are currently going through the process right now, however the one question I have is, do you get your passport stamped each and every time you enter and exit Malaysia?

Here is the link. Having heard all arguments for and against using an agent, now that the time has come for filing, I can only offer our reasons for using an agent.

cover letter for mm2h

cver Participants under the Malaysia My Second Home Programme are not allowed to work or employed while staying in Malaysia. Is there a need to supply a birth certificate either original or certified copy?

cover letter for mm2h

We recommend and highly endorse the agency known as Joy-StayEnjoying an amazingly great email relationship with Yvonne, the owner of the agency, they are generally accepted as the best among the hundreds of licensed agents.