Add to collection s Add to saved. Ethics It is a requirement for all students and staff conducting research to gain ethical approval before conducting their research. Policy statements on the use of calculators and dictionaries in examinations are given in Appendices 8 and 9 of the General Regulations. Full details of the regulations that govern the examination process are available in the General Regulations, which are available on the internet. Please refer to the following link for information regarding the examination periods relevant to your course: Some courses require specific modules to be included in the classification calculations even if they do not carry the highest marks e. All statements, opinions, conclusions, images, etc.

Furthermore, any mode of attendance may be subject to monitoring e. Studying at university can be challenging and all students need to keep developing their academic skills in order to be successful. Requests for deferral of an assessment will be considered by an authorising officer in the Faculty in which you are enrolled. If you are unsure, ask your module tutor. Some written assignments, projects, dissertations etc.

It should be understood that these are only typical cases and that the marking scheme will determine the final mark obtained. If you have any concerns relating to IT related information security, please contact the Service Improvement and Security Manager, Coventry University.

coventry university nova coursework

The final mark recorded for your coursework, for example, may differ from the marks that you have received during the year.

Furthermore, any alleged inadequacy of supervision or in other arrangements during a period of registration as a Coventry University student is not an acceptable reason to ask for a review and, if taken forward, would be dealt with as a complaint.

Also be aware that the quality of your in-text citations and List of References is taken into account when assignments are marked. Studying at university can be challenging and all students need to keep developing their academic skills in order to be successful.


If you provide documentary information for the purposes of any University procedure e. The bar-coded coversheets can be generated from NOVA, an online assessments system, which can be accessed by all students from – https: Any student registered for fewer than credits is normally classed as part-time. The remaining 5 marks are for the general presentation.

The marketing team are looking for postgraduate students to be the face of the new campaign. Original copies of the evidence should be submitted photocopies are not normally accepted and all documents from medical practitioners must have a genuine practice stamp imprinted to confirm authenticity.

Marks allocated Question 1: If necessary, a student univesrity be required to accompany an appropriate invigilator to a private area to allow any such inspections to unievrsity undertaken. We are running the following Read the rest of this topic 97 words.

You will however be eligible for a re-sit attempt at the next available assessment opportunity.

Student Handbook – Coventry University

Failure to comply with these may have serious implications for the amount you will have to pay for your tuition fees and your student loan. Studying at university can be challenging and all students need to keep developing their academic skills in order to be successful.

There are standard procedures for handing-in your coursework, applying for an extension to the deadline or requesting deferral of assessment. E Academic dishonesty Academic dishonesty covers any attempt by a student to gain unfair advantage e. Can I opt out?

Student Handbook – Coventry University

C Changes to your individual modules Where your course includes option modules, you are expected to finalise your module choices before the end of the previous academic year. Coventry University Students’ Union may share information about students with Coventry University from time to time.


However, you may request that your personal data is not used for any or all of the following purposes: You should always try to resolve any issues that you have informally within your Faculty, before pursuing the formal procedure as outlined in Appendix Plagiarism is the act of using other people’s words, images etc.

Information on student admissions and progression will be publicly available; however, it will not be possible to identify individuals from this information, which will assist the University in ensuring equality of opportunity.

coventry university nova coursework

All such requests must be submitted before the hand-in date of the coursework or the date of the examination and they must be accompanied by appropriate third-party evidence. This should univerity submitted on request to their Module Leader or an ACO, in case there was any doubt that more than the permitted amount of help has been given.

If such a change is approved, it is normally only effective from the date of such notification to the Faculty Registry Team. We are running the following Skip to main content. The module descriptor sets out the aims and intended learning outcomes of the module, the indicative content, method of assessment, essential and recommended reading and other information.

Only final year students or students exiting the course will be sent results notification letters. The credit rating for all modules is calculated according to total student effort expected for successful completion.