What must be able to be sang by her? We must look after her. Pada kesempatan kali ini, kami akan membagikan salah satu soal grammar bahasa inggris dan jawabannya. Laras Ines 8 Februari Who does be loved by him?

If you want to … in running your business, you must work hard. Tom opens the door. She were watered this plant for 5 minutes when I got here. The boy is being helped by Mary. He will be able to show his ability.

Anita is looking forward to her birthday because she. How many naughty children can be taught by a sincere teacher? A little girl kicks besertw ball.

They jzwaban speak English in this shop. Who can be taught by a sincere teacher? The reports will be received by The students 3. Fill in the blank!

contoh soal passive voice essay beserta jawaban

Maldive is travelled by Andi last year. Beer did not drunk by psasive uncle. A reunion party is being arranged by some students in the class room.

Soal Passive Voice – Present Perfect Tense dan Jawabannya

He will be promoted. Entah kalian sadar atau tidak, yang jelas materi atau kompetensi dasar tentang passive voice sudah dipelajari mulai dari SMP hingga SMA. Contoh Soal Demonstrative Pronoun dan Jawabannya. Good stories were told by Grandmother.


Contoh Soal Passive Voice Pilihan Ganda dan Essay beserta Jawabannya ~ Dunia Bahasa Inggris

The red car always washed by my father on Sunday. Bahasa inggris berbeda dengan bahasa Indonesia, karena bahasa inggris menggunakan satuan waktu tensesoleh karena itu, jika kita ingin mahir dalam bahasa inggris, materi grammar adalah materi wajib ajwaban harus anda kuasai. The door is opened by Tom d. What has to be bought by the students?

I wish I ….

Popcorn is being eaten by Tiara at the cinema. Link Download Soal sudah tersedia jika anda membutuhkan contoh soal bahasa inggris di atas. Must you remind them?

The river near my house is deep enough so it … dangerous for children to play near it.

contoh soal passive voice essay beserta jawaban

The poem was learnt by Alex 5. My brother lives in village but she … in city. Ya semoga meskipun tidak ada pembahasan soal, kunci jawaban dan rumus di atas, sudah cukup untuk membantu anda dalam menjawab pertanyaan tentang passive voice di bawah ini.


Contoh Soal Modal Passive Voice dan Jawabannya ~ Dunia Bahasa Inggris

It is fully booked. Teacher had been collecting the bfserta. How many porters has to get our salary? What must she be able to sing?

Buka jiga soal bahasa inggris lain yang terlampir di bawah ini.

contoh soal passive voice essay beserta jawaban

Choose the best answer by crossing a, b, c or d! Tanpa panjang lebar lagi, berikut ini soal passive voice dan jawaban. Ikada developed the theory. The robber may be killed the victim.

Your sister always gets up late on Sundays, …? Theya are playing smackball.