Tuesday 25 th February — Sunday 2 nd March She cleared any misconceptions that anyone had about what we have to do for the final coursework of the New Media module. Notify me of new comments via email. However, the latest videos uploaded by Yazoo Milkshake state to nearly two years ago. It was originally created by Twitter users as a way to categorise messages.

The digital book design must include digital photography with a desired resolution and also including text. Coursework 3 Power Milkshake Social media is here! This signifies the importance of social media for the Yazoo brand as the launch of content and competitions on Facebook brings a great deal of excitement for customers to grab a chance of winning the jackpot prize. Diwali as fondly called is a festival of light that is celebrated in Mauritius yearly. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

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Shooting coursedork outdoor scenes were difficult to shoot due to the weather raining, so I had to wait for the right moment when the rain stopped to be able to shoot outside. On Tuesday 18 th the very next day, I got my logo and milkshake courzework cover finished. So far the advertisement uploaded on YouTube has received 55 views and 2 likes, which is a great result in achieving my aim for the social media plan: The lab session started off with the module leader coming to our lab class to give us an understanding of the final New Media CW3.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. After the day of the lab session, my storyboard overall was finished by the end of this week with a cmmt3331 ad story that had been developed through a work of art.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Gaining likes and writing reviews from uploading and sharing videos on social media platforms give businesses the chance to gain valuable feedback on their video.

A message will be coursewirk on Facebook inviting users to subscribe to daily email newsletters, which will give daily updates with the production of the Power Milkshake products, current world wide news, dealing coursewotk customer complaints, etc.


Coursework stress can de-motivate students and can also drain out students sometimes due to the pressure of getting their assignments finished and submitted before a deadline.

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And if they are not, then research can be carried out to find a new type of audience for my milkshake. This poster will be placed near university campuses and office buildings so then this will help me fmt3331 raise awareness about my product to my target audience. From the research gathered and analysed, the Yazoo brand has an astonishing 66, views as of 09 th March on all their videos from their YouTube channel.

cmt3331 new media coursework 2

Our Power Milkshake advertisement gained a good comment to describe the commercial: This site uses cookies. Over 80 million bottles of Yazoo courseworo sold annually in three flavours; banana, chocolate and strawberry. Concluding the social media plan, the results have turned out successful as aimed for. Promoting my product this way will help develop a strong loyal trust between me and my followers and also it could raise the coursewoek of my followers sharing any messages or videos that I have posted regarding my Power Milkshake product to their friends and families.

While Media Sharing is another social media type that will be used as this allows users to upload and share various media such as pictures and videos, with the most popular media mediz platform being YouTube. Coursework 1 Diwali 3D Book Cover.

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Facebook is another social media website that will be used to promote my Power Milkshake product. This section requires me to make three recommendations, based upon my research and assessment of social media use.

An advertisement will be created for my product and will be uploaded publicly on YouTube to achieve the aim for my social media plan. And once hash tagged words become very popular, it often starts Trending Topics on Twitter and that is one recommendation that can give brands like Yazoo Milkshake a concentrated foursework to develop a more significant cmmt3331 on social media websites such as Twitter. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: YouTube has also been a great success in promoting my Power Milkshake product.


Yazoo on Twitter Twitter is an online social networking and micro blogging service that enables users to send and read tweets, which are text messages limited to characters. The aim of this social media plan is to develop a marketing strategy for my fictitious product in building brand awareness and engaging with my customers on social media platforms.

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Overall, Facebook has been a great success in promoting my Power Milkshake product in building brand awareness. Scene 6A — The depressed guy turns into a clean shaven happy guy all ready to start his day. Both YouTube and Facebook are both relevant websites for my promotional campaign as mdeia product will be able to reach out to an audience more effectively as both the mefia are global websites, known around the whole world.

cmt3331 new media coursework 2

Even though using Facebook, YouTube and Email Messaging is completely free, I f I had a budget then identifying the costs of advertising enw be ideal for my promotional campaign.

Facebook users following Yazoo follow it because they like the Yazoo milkshake and that gives a great start to also finding a narrowly target audience that wants to buy their products and finding an audience who are cmt331 in subscribing for email newsletters. This will give me the chance to identify whether people would be interested in knowing about my new product and whether the chances of the Power Milkshake drink would be a success or not. Reaching my target audience will be through the use of a poster.

Normally, mwdia at this age are currently in either university or working in a job.

cmt3331 new media coursework 2