In addition, for strategic competitions, the “Summary of the Research Proposal” may be used to determine whether or not your proposal is relevant to the strategic areas of the funding opportunity. Nevertheless, a proposal rated less than 3. Other participants can be added, removed, or change roles between registration and application. The best parts of Google Docs are the integration of Paperpile and Document sharing. Please review our privacy policy. Preparing your budget could lead you to discover critical flaws that need to be addressed in the proposal.

Once every task is complete, including the consent, the Nominated Principal Applicant must review the terms listed and respond to the questions regarding consent in order to submit the application. Please refer to the relevant funding opportunity for specific submission requirements. If, after registering, you do not submit a full application, please contact CIHR to tell us you are withdrawing from the competition. There is no upper limit on partner contributions to a project. You will find the instructions, and links to other mandatory requirements in the funding opportunity. Lay abstracts can change at Application.

Project Grant: Spring Application Instructions – CIHR

Substantiate Your Claims Substantiating your claims will lend validity to your research proposal. Please note that applications including RCT have special requirements. This is necessary to allow us to secure the most appropriate expertise for high quality review of all applications within the competition timelines. Include Gender and Sex in Your Research Design when appropriate CIHR expects that all research applicants will integrate gender and sex into their research designs when appropriate.

The Timing… Scientists tend to procrastinate.

So you want to write a CIHR grant…

Outline the budget formst and justify that the requested resources are appropriate to financially support the project as described in the application. You can make your prooposal easier to review by organizing your content make it flowbeing concise and precise, avoiding jargon, acronyms and abbreviations, and using clear and unambiguous language. All documents must be in PDF format and must adhere to the guidelines for attachments on the Acceptable Application Formats and Attachments.


cihr research proposal format

Address the Evaluation Criteria It is a good idea to address the evaluation criteria outlined in the funding opportunity, because your application will be reviewed against them. Such applicants are often perceived as attempting to get an edge in the competition by including more material than other applicants clhr allowed, and this can be construed negatively.

Sure, as I write this, someone undoubtedly hacked the server and the world is in a researhc, but the truly paranoid can backup to two cloud sources. One easy killer comment is if they need so many data figures, why not just publish it. Read the Instructions Carefully and be prepared to follow them exactly CIHR enforces its application deadlines, formatting rules, page allowances, eligibility guidelines and completeness policy in order to provide a fair playing field for all applicants: The peer review committee may recommend reductions to your budget if it determines that the amounts requested are not sufficiently justified.

Preparing your budget could lead you to discover critical flaws that need to be addressed in the proposal.

Use language that will be understood by generalists, but that will also convince the experts on the review committee that you really know your stuff. Redearch strict adherence to formatting guidelines such as font, margin and document size.

File attachments created by the applicant may be prepared with the word processing software package of your choice, but they must be uploaded in PDF format. For example, would one hour a week really be a meaningful commitment? Please provide information regarding your fornat significant contributions maximum of proppsal as they relate to the application. Therefore, it is important to contact the Research Services office of your Faculty or institution well in advance of the CIHR deadline to determine if there is an earlier, internal deadline at your institution.

When this occurs, CIHR raises the issue with the applicant and the local review board, following the competition, to ensure it was considered in the ethical review of the proposal.


cihr research proposal format

Registration helps CIHR to arrange the best possible review of your application — we can use the reseadch to recruit additional committee members, as required, and to select the most appropriate reviewers. Committee members complain about applicants who do not follow the guidelines. The following six elements will provide CIHR with information on the type of expertise required to review your application.

CIHR has simplified its attachment formatting requirements. Collaborators are the only participant type exempted from tormat questionnaire requirement. Mentorship can be very important to your success in obtaining research funding. CIHR must be assured that ethics issues are satisfactorily resolved before it releases funds.

Once you install full Paperpile just pay for itwonderful things happen in your Browser: If CIHR is to maintain or increase its level of funding, the benefits of its funding must be apparent to Canadians. You may alter the summary, budget, suggested reviewers, and so on, but the application number you receive by registering is not a licence to then submit any application. Note that leaves of absence should also have been included in the appropriate section of fkrmat CV.

Tips for writing a successful CIHR Grant Application or Request for Renewal

Therefore, it is wise to consider major changes or a totally different project rather than submit the same application again. You should evaluate whether the work proposed will significantly advance the proposed area of research. Make fodmat that the “Summary of the Research Proposal” provides: They are far from human.