Fellowship support to students majoring in the fields of mathematics and science is provided by the generosity of the late Joseph D. If advancement to candidacy has not been recorded by the Registrar’s Office by the time of award notification, the student will have until August 1st, to do so, or the award will be rescinded. Restricted to African-American students. Students do not apply for specific fellowships, but are considered for awards as part of the awarding of institutional fellowships. Awarded to students of excellence in history or English. Cook Richter Memorial Fellowship.

Francisca Toery-Kohler Memorial Fellowship. Evaluation Criteria A Transdisciplinary Studies Advisory Committee will review all applications and select recipients. A survey will be sent to all IM alumni to date and follow-up interviews will be conducted with at least 40 participants. This case study will examine undergraduate research from the perspective of students, faculty and staff at a public, state university and answers the call in higher education research to critically examine “best practices” across diverse student populations, environments, and contexts. Funds for this fellowship have been provided by an endowment from emeritus trustee Felix Juda. Karl and Beverly Benjamin Fellowship in Art. This mixed-method dissertation will document privileged and marginalized employee perspectives on exemplary i.

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Cook Richter Memorial Fellowship. WR Strong Horticulture Fund. Powell, provides fellowship assistance to a student enrolled in the Ph. Open to students in any program. Established in waard of Stuart Jardine Wolfenden to assist graduate students of languages. How can historically privileged e.


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Building on the public choice literature, this dissertation employs a budget allocation game AGAME adapted from Beardsley, Kovenock, and Reynolds to understand voters’ budgetary preferences.

Doctoral study registration must be maintained until the dissertation is completed. I meet the eligibility requirements noted in this application. Larry and Jane Rosen Fellowship. The Transdisciplinary Awward Program invites doctoral candidates who are advanced to candidacy and are within 18 months of expected graduation to apply djssertation the — Transdisciplinary Dissertation Award.

Eligibility requirements to apply for these awards include: Guy Dobbs Memorial Fellowship. An Application of Vested Interest Theory Vested Interest Theory suggests that the perceived importance and hedonic relevance of an expected behavioral outcome affects attitude-behavior consistency. Provides diesertation support to students in the School of Information Systems and Technology.


Douglass, faculty emeritus in education. Providing need-based fellowships to high-ability students who are recruited annually to the Drucker School. Awards are made from a fund established by the foundation.

The teacher leaders were recruited by Indonesia Mengajar IMa highly selective education intervention program in Indonesia aiming to improve educational conditions in remote areas through the mobilization of local stakeholders. An endowed fund established by the late Robert J.


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Conrad Briner Endowed Fellowship. Hsiao Min Wang Memorial Fellowship. Open to students in the Peter F. The dissertation examines the controversy over the Johnson Wward.

The John Stauffer Endowed Fellowship. Awarded to students of excellence in history or English.

cgu dissertation award

Felix and Helen Juda Endowed Fellowship. To be awarded to a Latino student enrolled in the teacher education program.

Wilson’s political thought is shown to be a historicism informed by his underlying racist world view. No separate application is required.

The fund provides fellowship aid to students in any field. Awarded to School of Politics and Economics students who are single parents raising children financially dependent on that student. A fellowship established in memory of the late Dr. An award is made each year to a worthy student in the School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences. This fellowship is made possible through the generosity of the Kay Family Foundation.