There was a lot of lava to clear from the airport runway, for instance; there were roads to be reopened. New aid workers are warned by older and wiser colleagues never to give cash to beneficiaries. Rapid reoccupation of Goma and cholera. As aid responses go, Goma was not badly served. In this study, we highlight human, infrastructural, geo-environmental and, above all, political vulnerability as the key issues to be considered in the Goma volcanic crisis. The Goma Volcano Observatory has had its technical capacity reduced during the humanitarian crisis, particularly over the last two years when staff have worked without any salary. Many residents lost their livelihoods in the volcanic eruption, and international non-governmental organizations NGOs now estimate unemployment levels at 95 percent, compared to approximately 80 percent prior to the eruption.

Met-8, 12 July , Related reports filtered by disaster and country Democratic Republic of the Congo. The observations of intense post-eruptive seismicity and widespread ground subsidence in the Kivu rift, together with both the synchronism of the eruption with volcano fracturing over 20 km. This hazard is directly related to the geo-morphology of the area the flanks of the two volcanoes and Lake Kivu as the main source of drinking water in Goma. Despite this, agencies gave food, and the addition of food aid to the market depressed prices and impoverished those who were already selling in the market.

Inmost of the refugees entered through Goma between July 14 and 17, and the cholera epidemic began almost immediately. Occupants have to pay to have the pits emptied. The hazard map in current circulation nyjragongo revision and the eruption scenarios refined for the Goma Contingency Plan. There was no immediate danger of starvation.

The case for cash: Goma after the Nyiragongo eruption – ODI HPN

A service provided by UN OCHA ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since The people of Goma were clearly right: This is the first time that a lava flow has impacted on a city and made such a large number of njiragongo homeless.


In this vulnerability context, the importance of early warnings of an eruption by scientists will be crucial for the health sector, NGO’s and relief agencies so that they nyiragogo prepare for a mass exodus and prevent a major loss of life from enteric diseases and dehydration.

The evacuation route for most people living on the south flank of Nyiragongo would be through Goma. Aerial view of eroded volcanic cone, Goma DRC. Kt, the low mortality might make people underestimate the volcanic hazard in the future with consequently higher loss of life.

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The latter flows were much less hazardous to life, as they could be easily avoided, but were more destructive Fig. A slight increase in turbidity was found in the sample for 21 January, which lasted for about a week. The safety of this procedure at Lake Kivu with such a large population at risk living around the lake would need to be established. Injured survivors of eruptions usually suffer from serious burns – a burns team should be sent as required, as skin grafting is often necessary to prevent long-term disability.

Complex justifications are developed. One very dramatic exception to this general rule is Nyiragongo, an active volcano located in the Western Rift within the Virunga Volcanic Province.

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We interviewed three hospital doctors, one of whom was a foreign surgeon attached to an NGO, who had continued working in Goma Hospital in the days during and after the eruption. As indicated above, a reduction in air quality after the eruption may have been at least partly responsible for these increases. Decision making on risk is therefore a balance between the two dangers: In mid-February, CRS and Caritas Goma completed a major food distribution that reached approximately 14, families, and a non-food distribution of relief commodities that reached approximately 15, families.

A full hazard assessment has yet to be undertaken. Even so, facilities were less well prepared than they could have been and some of the deficiencies of resurfaced again. Perhaps goods should have been given only to women, as at one point UNICEF had decided to do, or only to children, or only through churches. The emissions also produced acid rain.


Nyamuragira, located 25 miles northwest of Goma.

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Close-up view of fresh Nyiragongo lava. In the following hours the fracture system and the eruption of lava propagated down slope for 20 km.

The Virunga Province comprises several volcanoes; the two westernmost — Nyiragongo and Nyamuragira —have both been active in recent historic time. Video footage shows a remarkable scene of people flooding over this narrow part of the flow and running to prevent their feet from getting burned a few minor foot burns were treated at Goma hospital.

The main impact of the lava flows on the supply of food was on access to food stocks. At the time of writing a multi-sectoral emergency plan cxse being developed.

case study mt nyiragongo

mtt It took three weeks after the influx for the international community’s response to have an impact and institute routine refugee relief measures. Why, then, did agencies continue to supply these items, even when it was obvious that they had become currency, and a debased one at that, as the continuing supply of new sheets and pots reduced their sale value to virtually zero and impoverished the people who normally sold them?

Looters had taken poles and cables.

The recent volcanic activity most related to the present crisis occurred in when Rwandan refugees settled studt camps on the slopes of both volcanoes. The Nyiragongo lavas that form the hard and porous bedrock of the area, with the setting of Lake Kivu, also constrain the other main hazard that overshadows Goma – cholera – as will be discussed below.