The community is benefiting from increased catches and the sanctuary is rich in marine life. Local and Cebu based dive shops held numerous meetings and lobbied for a stop to the shark fishing. The private sector has greater knowledge of marketability, transportation and access issues, and pricing and can provide valuable input to project implementers. Once this management is in place other activities in the area must be decided by the community, in coordination with the other stakeholders such as divers. This was coordinated by the Bohol Federation of Tour Operators. Residents have also developed a number of new skills and are getting good at lobbying national agencies and the local town for tighter management of their resources.

Likewise a number of studies have examined the potential for ecotourism to encourage environmentally sound development Barkin, ; Brown et al. A tool for sustainable development in an era of international integration? This was integrated with a five-year coastal management plan for the whole of the town and is currently being implemented by the local Government and villages of Buenavista. This was coordinated by the Bohol Federation of Tour Operators. Cebu-based dive operators operating out of Mactan Island can reach Cabilao in about an hour. At first only a limited number of boats dived in the sanctuary but once word spread about the abundance of marine life the number of boats increased markedly. Within the space of a day and without much consultation the main livelihood of the community was suddenly cut off on March 25th,

Tourist asrawak figures for The ban threw the whole community into a state of war and divisions between the pro-whaling faction and the pro-tourism faction grew.

The success of these initiatives ensured that the community was enthusiastic to take on something new such as tourism. A significant number of ecotourism initiatives have taken place in Palawan and Bohol. Makaysia, the potential tourism markets of the South East Asian countries are heterogeneous in nature. However, funding is often a problem.


After a series of consultations begun inthe community has also agreed to stop the extraction of sharks in stduy around the island, as long as they start to receive some benefits from tourism. For example, the site is about 2 hours drive from Tagbilaran City, the provincial capital.

The communities however felt that the divers and stuxy resort owners had no right to tell them how to manage their resources. Project implementers should, however, gradually reduce their role as the project develops and the community and local government takes complete control.

This was coordinated by the Bohol Federation of Tour Operators. Although Bohol has its own dive operators, many divers do not actually stay in Bohol but opt for day trips from nearby Cebu City, only an hour and a half away.

The residents would very much like mslaysia increase visitor numbers.

case study ecotourism sarawak malaysia

Law enforcement, resource management, education, capability building and support are essential components. In the national government banned the hunting of all whales and dolphins. The stusy objective of the project was to integrate community based natural resource management into the wider development of the community.

case study ecotourism sarawak malaysia

Published in the Journal of Ecotourismthis article examines the current state of community-based transboundary ecotourism in the Kelabit Highlands of Sarawak, Malaysia, and the Kerayan Highlands of Kalimantan, Indonesia. As such many of the dive boats seen offshore from Bohol are actually based in Cebu. However, no counter-parting took place in Pamilacan.

The community often lacks the skills and industry links in this area. The project implementers have also developed better links with the local government unit.



Yale University, New Haven, pp. After a series of workshops, seminars and visits to other areas of the Philippines, the community began to focus on how to begin the task of managing the resources within their jurisdiction.

Local politicians believed that the project could cause harm to the short-term livelihood of their electorate. However if the project is well planned and implemented carefully it can be it seems. Many coastal communities are now actively involved in managing their local resources. The publicity surrounding the ban also generated publicity for the tour. Ecotourism in the Philippines.

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Ecotourism in the Philippines. Private enterprises such as tour operators often take the lead ecofourism develop new marine-based tourism products. However if the project is well planned and implemented carefully it can be it seems.

This allows people to combine the longhouse stay with a rainforest trek culminating in trips up river in traditional longboats. Five species of dolphin and seven species of whale are commonly seen in the area. However, funding is often a problem. On the first day that they laid their baited hooks along mallaysia deeper portion of the reef.

case study ecotourism sarawak malaysia

Only once the tour became established was the tour sold to international tourists via local operators.