Even those who belong to the lower income g We can load them in the mobile phones. What smartphones are a boon? Related Questions Are smartphones a boon or bane? Research tells us that the healthy parent-child relationship plays a major role in producing good citizens. Email me when someone replies.

They have also placed the onus on the teachers. Chal sour ke bachche. Ask for details Follow Report by Yonikkonga It is nothing less than amazing what technology has wrought through mobile phones. Let’s start with the topic. Definitely a pain,but one can live without it.

Also, mobile has brought our life to an ease like if we are struck in traffic we can call anyone for our help.

argumentative essay on mobiles boon or bane

Children are growing up seeing their parents spend long hours chatting with strangers neglecting their family responsibilities. Information on hand at all times One of the biggest benefits of school ERP software system is that students always have all the information they need at their fingertips. This has destroyed many families. Are moblies a curse or a boon? Also cell phones have made terrorist attacks in the world very easy.

We should always rememberthat there lives a wise man between the valley of two mountains.

Or the gaming console you haven’t blinked an eye at for several days? Are mobile phones a boon or a curse for the society? With the help of school management systems, students can also keep track of their attendance.

In answer argumentaative that, they say that the ideal time is when they are at ease with the idea of them watching pornography. But it has certain disadvantages which we have to accept.


Mobile phones: A blessing or a curse? Essay Example for Free – Sample words

It’s immensely brilliant the way a unification of several thoughts put forth into ‘technology’, a work of a thousand minds can really bring up something so powerful that it can engage and as it’s put forth, enslave all individual minds so much so that their life depends on that.

They are addicted to it edsay a drug addict is addicted to drugs and some have gone even worse! Writers Workshop Regular Forums. Mobile is a device which is nowadays used for essag many functions.

A Speech on Mobile Phones: Boon or Bane!

Chal sour ke bachche. Mobile Boon or Bane. We educate ourselves we try argumentqtive make everything as easy as possible so we can enjoy life. In such circumstances it is up to them how they handle the situation.

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As we were eating I glanced around casually and noticed one strange thing, each and every person on every table had a cellphone in hand and were constantly texting or playing games ewsay were chit chatting with the person accompanying, That is when i realized, are these cellphones really connecting people or are they taking them apart.

And one one thing -Why do argumentqtive need to take those illogical and stupid selfies on road, on a hilltop and everywhere they go?

argumentative essay on mobiles boon or bane

It is definitely not that we’re being enslaved by an inanimate object. India attained independence on August 15, As a consequence, we have seen and experienced most teenagers isolating themselves from their family, going to their rooms and constantly texting, posting messages, upgrading face book, showing off photos, and who knows what they are watching.


argumentative essay on mobiles boon or bane

Ask for details Follow Report by Yonikkonga What do you think about smartphones? City life Zrgumentative Country life. It can be used to interact and communicate with people where any letter or postal service cant reach.

This means that as a student one can get the latest information on any and every new assignment being created by the teachers. They are designed in such a way that the students using them have a great experience.

Parents often ask experts when they should give their children their first smartphone. Success comes to those who are slow but steady in their work. A creativity researcher at the College of William and Mary, bboon creativity argumenntative decreased among American children in recent years.

It’s equivalent to spying and that flies in the face of trusting your kids. What are some cool smartphone hacks? We can make presentations, word documents, spreadsheets and all office or educational work while we are travelling in the bus or train.